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The Solar Impulse Foundation and Boundless collaborate to give those companies that Boundless already evaluated for their superior environmental performance an opportunity to apply for this label in an expedited fashion. Through that streamlined process, clean tech companies gain access to new international markets and increased visibility and easier access to the Solar Impulse Foundation’s community of investors, and global business partners.

Boundless Impact Research & Analytics is a market intelligence and impact analytics firm that provides quantitative and evidence-based research and data for investors, companies, and funds. Driven by the latest research by independent industry and academic experts, Boundless offers analysis, market trends, and evidence of best practices in a growing number of emerging sectors that address significant environmental and health challenges. Their research into emerging technologies, impact assessment of companies, and thought leadership provide investors with the latest and most relevant information to drive their investment decisions.

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More info on Boundless offers to companies

  1. Boundless Climate Screen: The Boundless team has built a model that applies our extensive industry benchmark data to assess risks and opportunities for emerging technologies in a given industry. After completing a product questionnaire, a company’s technology will be analyzed for each factor and scored accordingly. Your current score will be stored in your company account. A PDF version of this overview is downloadable.

  2. Boundless Climate Screen Report: Companies will receive a Climate Screen, plus expanded analysis that rates the environmental impact of your product looking at GHG emissions reduction, water footprint, air quality, waste, safety and regulatory factors. We also analyze the efficiency of a new technology by looking at cost and financial performance compared to existing technologies in an industry.

  3. Boundless GHG Footprint Analysis: The GHG Emissions analysis allows Boundless to calculate the GHG emissions of a product and compare it with its industry peers. Boundless compiles the technology’s GHG analysis into an investor friendly document, including both graphic and written explanation of the research, analysis, and market application.

  4. Boundless Climate Impact Assessment: The Boundless Climate Impact Assessment isa data-driven Life-Cycle Analysis tool, customized for specific industries and culminating in an investor-friendly format. Boundless rates companies by creating environmental impact metrics that are relevant to a specific industry, and then collecting company-specific data. We develop industry benchmarks and our own proprietary Environmental Key Performance Indicators (EKPIs) and the information culminates in an impact profile.
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