Shamengo is a world community of green, social and digital innovators willing to promote a new lifestyle

Shamengo came to life in 2011 through the initiative of Catherine Berthillier, a TV reporter and investigative journalist. A non profit association, Shamengo aims to promote the best of green, social and digital innovation on the planet through an original combination of three means of action:

- Production of video portraits of the most innovative and disruptive green, social and digital entrepreneurs in the world called "Shamengo pioneers". Today, this video collection comprises around 200 portraits of 2 minutes each. Every fortnight, there is an addition of a new portrait which is broadcasted on the Shamengo online platform as well as on TV5 Monde, reaching out 200 millions people worldwide.

- Building of an international community of 10, 000 members who all wish to promote a new lifestyle based on the 4 values of Shamengo: caring for the mind and body, creating with ethics, protecting the planet and caring for others.

- Construction of "Villas Shamengo": these houses/schools/labs of the new world are intended to show how we will live in urban centres tomorrow. As an edutainment living lab and showroom of the best of green, social and digital innovations, the Villa Shamengo aspires to offer the general public the opportunity to discover, experiment and adopt innovations in order to accelerate the transition towards lifestyles that are more respectful of oneself, others and the planet. The concept, developed in Paris on the occasion of COP21, is designed to be replicated around the word through social franchise. The first Villa Shamengo will see the light in Bordeaux in 2019.

By Shamengo