DWR eco

Teaming up increases our visibility and maximizes our impact. Together we share one goal: to leverage green innovations for a more sustainable and future-driven economy with scalable and profitable business models.

DWR eco is one of Europe’s leading agencies for strategic communications, political positioning and the development of new business areas within the cleantech sector. We have founded the Eco Innovation Alliance (EIA) in order to harness synergies between young cleantech companies and allow them to benefit from the extensive network and established channels that DWR eco has built with political decision-makers, the industry, investors, scientists, associations and NGOs over time.

We have experienced that new technology and business process disruptions are often constraint by regulatory entry barriers in mature markets that are often protected by the challenged industry.

The EIA addresses young companies specifically because we believe that together you can achieve more than alone, especially if you are a young, ambitious firm with a great vision but little voice. The EIA is the voice of the most important young, innovative green economy companies. The b2b market platform connects cleantech startups with all relevant stakeholders: innovative established companies, accelerator/incubator programs, investors and political decision-makers.

Few fixed structures and direct communication allows our platform to grow continuously – with new inspiration, new members and new projects. With this concept, we are able to implement new ideas quickly and enable eco innovation.

By DWR eco