What happens when I complete my assessment?

Once all the three Experts assigned to a Solution have submitted their Assessments, the SIF’s team will review and validate their work. SIF retains the right to fully invalidate assessments which contain inappropriate language (defamatory, offensive or abusive) or where the Expert clearly highlight in his comments that the Solution falls out of his/her area of expertise. In addition, Experts are expected to perform Assessments according to the principles highlighted in the Assessment Guidelines document

Both rejected and Labeled Solutions receive a feedback in the form of the Assessment Summary Report (ASR) which compiles the three usable assessments performed by the Experts assigned to the Solution. The Experts who have evaluated the Solution will also receive the ASR giving them the chance to explore and learn from their peers. PLEASE NOTICE: All the (valid) comments written by the Experts will be included in the ASR.

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