What type of opportunities/benefits you offer for Labeled Solutions?

We offer numerous opportunities for our Labeled Solutions, including access to capital and market opportunities (via partners, corporates, and public authorities), participation in events, support for advocacy work, media visibility, and more. You can find detailed information on the benefits in our one-pager.

To ensure you can take full advantage of these benefits:

  • Check out the video "Benefits of the Label" (available in section 3.4 of your dashboard) which outlines the advantages associated with your Label and how to leverage the Foundation's activities beyond just the labeling process. If you have any additional questions, or cannot access your dashboard feel free to contact us at 1000solutions@solarimpulse.com.

  • Keep your eyes peeled! You will receive our monthly ‘Opportunities newsletter’;

  • Join our Labeled Solutions LinkedIn Group where the community can share news, ask for guidance and more. If you’re interested in joining, send us an email at 1000solutions@solarimpulse.com.

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