Hello Tomorrow - Global Challenge

Hello Tomorrow - Global Challenge


Win up to €100K equity-free funding


Our partner @Hello Tomorrow is launching the 6th edition of their Global Challenge, a startup competition created specifically for science & deep tech entrepreneurs!

Get fast-tracked to join the deep tech network, access 1-to-1 meetings with VCs & industry leaders, as well as pitch your project to a select audience and win up to €100K equity-free funding!

Last year, Bound4Blue one of the #1000 labelled solutions was one of the finalists of the Global Challenge.

“Solar Impulse suggested us to apply to the HT Challenge and it was beneficial because we met with venture capitals, got a lot of media exposure and won 15k€ as we were selected by a top-level jury as the best start-up in the aeronautics track. Investors, corporates, journalists, everyone will be open to know more about your deeptech technology and willing to help you. If you are looking to showcase your solution, this is definitely the best summit to attend.“
Cristina Aleixendri - bound4blue

Applications are open until September 13th.
Find all the info you need online  Hello Tomorrow Challenge