Efficiency Week: Energy Systems

Efficiency Week: Energy Systems


The first edition will take place from June 17 to June 21!

Efficiency Weeks are thematic recurrent weeks (every two to three months, online events and communications) promoting the implementation of Efficient Solutions in specific industries:

  • Energy Systems - Start on June 17th, 2024
  • Buildings & Construction - September/October, 2024
  • Mobility - December, 2024
  • Agrifood & Natural Environment - February, 2025
  • Industrial Processes & Consumer Goods - April, 2025

The objective is to foster collaboration and stimulate investment and implementation within the sector by showcasing the latest innovations, success stories, and expert insights through various social media posts and two webinar sessions: Efficient Solutions Investment e-pitch & Time for Action webinar.

Focus on Efficient Solutions Investment e-pitch - Tuesday 18th, 5 pm CEST

  • 5 Labeled Solutions selected to pitch

  • Private event for investors, by invitation only - If you're an investor and would like to participate please reach out to investors@solarimpulse.com 

  • Attendees: Solar Impulse Foundation investors' network, Bpifrance’s network & Partners of the event network

  • Objective: Support our Labeled Solutions to raise funds

Focus on Time for Action webinar - Thursday 20th, 5 pm CEST

  • Agenda

    • Panel discussion with Experts
      What are the main obstacles? Why is this sector not efficient? What makes this sector inefficient? What needs to change for the large-scale implementation of efficient energy systems?
      They will discuss the challenges and opportunities in the sector

    • Testimonials from corporations that have implemented solutions

      • They will share their implementation story and best practices to replicate

      • Experts can ask questions

    • Q&A

  • Attendees: World Alliance Members + Live on LinkedIn
    You can register through this link

  • Objective: Make an overview of the sector, share obstacles and issues, provide tips on how to improve, and offer solutions. Inspire and push the adoption of more efficient practices. Aim to create a general toolkit to take action and make the sector more efficient