UAE, Dubai
30 November - 12 December, 2023
UNFCCC COP28 in Dubai

Despite the efforts undertaken since the Earth Summit in 1992 to protect the environment and fight against climate change, the situation has continued to worsen. It is imperative to use of a new narrative that reflects the reality of what can be achieved by bold climate action, unlocking the opportunity of the ecological transition.
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COP28 action calendar


ExpoCity, Dubai

World Climate Action Summit

Bertrand Piccard will be addressing the Heads of State at the World Climate Action Summit (WCAS).
His message will call for a new narrative around climate action, one that highlights the opportunities inherent to the ecological transition.
(closed-doors event)

19:00 - 22:00

ExpoCity, Dubai

Business & Philanthropy Climate Forum Opening Dinner

Keynote by Dr. Bertrand Piccard at the Business & Philanthropy Climate Forum (closed-doors)

13:00 - 14:00

WGEO Pavillion, Blue Zone

Sustainable pathways – fostering innovation & investment Financing efficient solutions

It is well noted that vast amounts of private capital will be required to finance an ecological transition leaving no one behind. However, only 29% of EU firms perceive the transition as an opportunity.
As the Bridgetown Initiative has highlighted, the costs of doing business in emerging markets is significantly higher, making this opportunity more difficult to recognize, while it is crucial to mobilize private and public investments. .
Leadership must be shown to be rewarded. Schneider Electric, a major provider of energy and sustainability services, and BNP Paribas, one of the world’s largest banks with significant investments in sustainable finance will show how they are working to drive investments in sustainability and how just transition is also helping their businesses, especially through their work in conjunction with Multilateral Development Banks in emerging markets.
To best convey the solutions’ providers experience, a representative from an organization active in the energy-access sector will join the panel, along with the Solar Impulse Foundation, who have assessed more than 1500 solutions that are mature, environmentally friendly and financially viable.


  • Sandro Pierri: CEO of BNP Paribas Asset Management
  • Gilles Vermot-Desroches: Chief Corporate Citizenship and Institutions Officer of Schneider Electric
  • Bertrand Piccard: Founder and Chairman of Solar Impulse Foundation 
  • Hassatou N’Sele, VP Finance of African Development Bank Group 
  • Representative from an innovative solution

15:45 - 16:30

Connect Conference Centre, Green Zone, Expo City, Dubai

BPCF: Scaling up Innovation in the Built Environment: A Blueprint for Net-Zero

Buildings that make up our cities worldwide are responsible for around 40% of energy and process-related CO2 emissions, 33% of water consumption and 35% of generated waste. This session will demonstrate how solutions to solving these challenges are being embraced, and how they need to be rapidly scaled. Participants will discuss and debate what is required to make sustainable cities and infrastructure the norm, in order to benefit from resulting tangible benefits including energy savings, reduced carbon footprints, improved occupant health and increased property value.


  • George Oliver, Chairman & CEO, Johnson Controls
  • Bertrand Piccard, President & Chairman, Solar Impulse Foundation

13:30 - 15:00

Plenary 2, Blue Zone

Roundtable: Innovating For A Sustainable Future: The Convergence Of Technology And Green Solutions

We need tangible actions that unlock the at-scale decarbonization of buildings, that include the deployment of electrification, integration of digital and technology solutions, and decarbonization of the supply chain. This will require new business models, collaboration across the value chain with all partners, policies and incentives to achieve this goal.

- Moderator: George Oliver, Johnson Controls
- José Manuel Entrecanales – CEO, Acciona
- Alan Belfield – CEO, Arup
- Mahendra Singhi – CEO, Dalmia Cement
- Irene Gallou – Senior Partner, Foster+Partners
- Jan Jenisch – CEO, Holcim
- Gloria Fluxà - Vice Chairman and CSO, Iberostar
- Charles Nunn – CEO, Lloyds Bank
- Steve McGill – CEO, McGill & Partners
- Kristina Murrin – CEO, The Prince’s Foundation
- Nick Cooper – CEO, Storegga 
- Bertrand Piccard – Chairman & President, The Solar Impulse Foundation 
- Cristina Gamboa – CEO, World Green Buildings Council 

15:30 - 17:00

EIB Pavillion, Blue Zone

Joining forces to accelerate private sector mobilisation in support of greentech innovation

This session will highlight the critical role played greentech innovation under the pressing need to accelerate climate change mitigation. Critically, the participation of public multilateral developments banks such as EIB is crucial to mobilise private climate finance.
Estimates of global investments required to achieve the Paris Agreement’s goals range between EUR 2.7 to 5.5 trillion per year until 2050. Notwithstanding the many uncertainties around the size of the mitigation and adaptation needs, such as economic and population growth, the decoupling of the energy demand or the cost evolution of low-carbon technologies, the conclusion is unambiguous: investment needs in climate action and environmental sustainability projects largely exceed actual investments. Despite the increase over the last decade, neither the scale nor the current speed of climate finance is sufficient to meet the 1.5C global warming scenario.
Particularly in the clean technologies segment, providing more financial means to scale-up innovative companies, in a context of rising interest rates, is key for the capital-intensive low carbon transition.

- Jean-Christophe Laloux, Director General, Deputy Head of Operations, EIB
- Anna Krzyzanowska, DG Research and Innovation, EC
- Alessandro Izzo, Director Equity, Growth Capital and Project Finance, EIB
- Bertrand Piccard, Chairman & President, Solar Impulse Foundation
- Representative from BNP Paribas

16:45 - 18:15

SE Room 5, Blue Zone

MSMEs facing energy transition: innovative solutions in finance & technology for value chains

MSMEs facing energy transition: innovative solutions in finance & technology for value chains Best technology answers in agriculture & industry and financial solutions for MSMEs, bringing concrete cases for businesses and climate change adaptation. Presentations of a publication on businesses and climate change adaptation with Ep and Arab Future Energy Index on energy transition with RCREEE.

- Representative from WUSME
- Representative from RCREEE 
- Bertrand Piccard, Chairman & President, Solar Impulse Foundation

15:30 - 16:30

BCG Pavilion (Stand #47), Knowledge Hub, Green Zone, Expo City Dubai

Supply chain decarbonization at scale: The Climate Drive

Objectives of this session:
1. Raise awareness on the urgent need to upskill across organizations and value chains to secure delivery of decarbonization ambition. Indeed, as businesses are increasingly setting climate goals, one major challenge remains: implementation. Which means, how to ensure employees, but also value chain partners, are aware, well-resourced, and skilled to decarbonize and support. This ambition can only be solved through a massive upskilling effort.
2. Share concrete solutions and approaches to get started on supply chain decarbonization with highlight of leading practices.
3. Introducing The Climate Drive, as a first stop to support businesses and suppliers in their decarbonization journey and sharing concrete use cases for businesses to leverage The Climate Drive.

- Jenny Kwan, Director for Climate Action, WBCSD
- Paulina Ponce de Leon, Managing Director & Partner, Boston Consulting Group
- Jonas Kulakauskas, Manager, CEBDS
- Remy Kalter, Public Affairs Director, Solar Impulse Foundation

16:30 - 17:00

Global Climate Action Hub, Blue Zone

Communicating solutions: Turning the tide on denialism, doomism and delay.

- Zeynab Wandati, Sustainability Editor, The Nation Media Group (Kenya)
- Nanette Braun, Director of Campaigns in the Department of Global Communications, UN
- Bertrand Piccard, Chairman & President, Solar Impulse Foundation 

14:00 - 15:00

Greek Pavillion, Blue Zone

Outlook of the Greek Energy Market towards 2030

The Side Event discussions will focus on an overview of the Greek energy market and the projections of the National Energy and Climate Plan that was recently updated, setting ambitious targets for a clean energy future.

- Ms. Juul Jorgensen, Director General of DG Energy
- Ms. Sdoukou, Greek Deputy Minister of Environment and Energy 
- Bertrand Piccard, Chairman & President, Solar Impulse Foundation

11:30 - 13:00

SE Room 2, Blue Zone

Official Side Event: Youth & Practitioners: Catalysts for Behaviour Change in Science-Based Policy

Effective collaboration between industry practitioners and policymakers to achieve accountability and performance monitoring and verification in the implementation of climate policy, with young professionals being a catalyst for adopting science-based approaches that
reflect industry best practice.

- Bertrand Piccard, Chairman & President, Solar Impulse Foundation
- Young engineer active in climate policy/advocacy
- Representative from WFEO YE/FL
- Policymakers working in climate policy
- Regulators involved in monitoring, reporting & verification
- Private sector scientist active in implementation of climate policy 

16:30 - 17:15

SDG Pavillion, Blue Zone

Science-based Policies for Climate and SDG Synergies: a UN DESA Global Policy Dialogue

Ahead of September’s SDG Summit, a group of experts appointed by the UN Secretary-General released the Global Sustainable Development Report 2023 (GSDR), aiming to provide policymakers with a useful framework for accelerating implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals in the second half of the 2030 Agenda. This Independent Group of Scientists (IGS), consisting of 15 experts representing a variety of backgrounds, scientific disciplines and institutions, collaborated for four years on this landmark report that provides evidence that can help decision-makers to overcome impediments that stand in the way of progress on sustainable development. Its focus is on accelerating transformation through important entry points and enabling science to support this acceleration.
The event will highlight suggestions for improving the science-policy-society interface from both the GSDR and the recent United in Science 2023, a multi-agency UN report spearheaded by the World Meteorological Organization that highlights the crucial, yet often under-recognized and under-utilized, role weather-, climate- and water-related sciences play in achieving the SDGs.

- Bertrand Piccard, Chairman & President, Solar Impulse Foundation
- Ms. Åsa Persson, Research Director and Deputy Director at the Stockholm Environment Institute, and co-author of the Global Sustainable Development Report 2023
- Mr. Jihua Pan, Director of the Institute of Eco-civilization Studies and Professor of Economics, Beijing University of Technology, and co-author of the Global Sustainable Development Report 2023
- Representative of the United in Science report (tbc)

Streaming link

18:30 - 20:30


Solar Impulse Foundation Reception with UNFCCC and WBCSD: Launch of "The New Climate Narrative"

Launch of "the New Climate Narrative" - a strategy for policy leaders to overcome resistance to the ecological transition and demonstrate its opportunity.

- Simon Stiell, Executive Secretary, UNFCCC
- Peter Bakker, CEO & Chairman, WBCSD
- Bertrand Piccard, Chairman & President, Solar Impulse Foundation

Contact to attend.

08:00 - 19:00



The Foundation's delegation will be busy preparing exciting engagements for week 2 (and taking well deserved rest!)

15:00 - 16:00

Trade House Pavillion, Blue Zone

Keeping cool at 1,5 degrees: Intergenerational Dialogues for the Future We Want

This panel brings together voices from different generations to explore paths toward sustainability and a climate safe future, aligning with the theme "Keeping Cool at 1.5 Degrees: Intergenerational Dialogues for the Future We Want."
It highlights the critical need to include often overlooked constituencies - youth, women, and indigenous communities - in our shared quest for a sustainable future. The discussion will delve into how embracing inclusivity is key to driving a green and just transformation.
Featuring a dynamic mix of young ecopreneurs, indigenous youth, and professionals committed to inclusive trade, the panel fosters a rich, collaborative conversation. They will dissect various approaches to bridge current divides and cultivate an ecosystem conducive to nurturing the upcoming wave of socio-eco-innovators. This conversation underscores the value of diverse viewpoints in driving enduring and sustainable change, particularly on how to foster climate action in mitigation, adaptation and resilience building. It aims to shed light on how a supportive and inclusive environment can empower these leaders to usher in a world that is not only greener but also more just and equitable.

- Bertrand Piccard, Chairman & President, Solar Impulse Foundation 
- Dr. Muralee Thummarukudy, G20 Global Land Initiative, UNCCD (TBC)
- Mashur Shurid, iPage, President & CEO, Winner Youth Ecopreneur Award 2023
- Indigenous Youth Representative (TBC)  
- Federico Perez, Founder & CEO at Selvitas, Ye! Advisor Colombia  
- Mawuse Gyisun, Sommalife COO, Youth Ecopreneur Awards Finalist  
- Visa Representative (TBC)

13:00 - 14:30

Ukraine Pavilion, Blue Zone

Environmental Recovery @ Ukraine Pavillion

In the process of rebuilding our country, the key principles are "Build Back Green" and "Build Back Better" - to rebuild better than before, achieving carbon and climate neutrality, which is a strategic objective for us. Our strategy includes the use of renewable energy sources, alternative energy sources, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and improvement of overall energy efficiency.
We intend to comply with the commitments of the Paris Agreement and actively cooperate with other responsible countries and follow the Green European Deal.
We understand the importance of our commitments and are ready to work towards this goal. Our goal is to restore the environment and build a climate-neutral Ukraine that is responsible to future generations and makes a significant contribution to the energy, food, and environmental security of the world. Together we can achieve our goals and preserve our planet for future generations.

- Ruslan Strilets, Minister of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources of Ukraine
- Bertrand Piccard, Chairman & President, Solar Impulse Foundation

16:45 - 18:15

SE Room 7, Blue Zone

Investing in Climate Solutions - Innovative Sustainable Finance & Investments for Low Carbon Growth

The global community is up against the climate crisis and decisive action is urgently needed to reduce emissions and adapt to the changing climate. Thus, making decarbonization of the global economy important to meet the global climate goals, including well below 2-degree Celsius. This will also lead to additional benefits of improved competitiveness, increased innovation, and enhanced energy security. This will require ramping up significantly investments in low carbon technologies, practices and infrastructure, clean energy and resource efficient business models and strategies. Along with mobilization of more capital for climate solutions and foster innovative financing mechanisms that support decarbonized growth.
The current financial system is continuously evolving in view of the global climate goals including long-term goals of the Paris Agreement and the SDGs. However, there remain challenges such as the high cost of decarbonization, apprehensions from traditional investors and the long-term nature of the transition. Innovative financing is essential for overcoming these challenges and achieving climate targets. By mobilizing new sources of capital, reducing the cost of capital, bridging the risk gap, supporting early-stage technologies and projects, and supporting projects in developing countries, innovative strategies and financing can help to accelerate the decarbonization of the economy. Ensuring economic stability and competitiveness in a more sustainable manner at the same time.
This session will discuss the role of financial institutions and investors in driving climate action as well as how innovative financial solutions  such as carbon pricing systems and management instruments can accelerate green energy projects and low-carbon technologies. This is complemented by insights into how the enabling environment and overall viability of technologies and solutions can be supported. The session will feature case studies from leading financial institutions and investors that are taking action on climate change.
The panelists will also discuss the need for a robust Market Mechanism under Article 6 of the Paris Agreement. Article 6 establishes a framework for international cooperation on market-based approaches to climate mitigation. A well-designed Market Mechanism under Article 6 can help to reduce the cost of decarbonization, mobilize investment in low-carbon technologies, and support sustainable industrial growth and development.

What are the key lessons learned from the CDM and how can we get it right this time?

- Mr Bertrand Piccard, President & Chairman, Solar Impulse Foundation
- Ms. Shan Shan Guo, Vice President, Delta Electronics Foundation
- Mr Daniel Lamptey, Director, Environment Protection Agency, Government of Ghana
- Official from Petronas*
- The Climate Group (DEF)*

11:00 - 12:00

Pavillon de la Francophonie

Pannel: Transition écologique dans le monde francophone

- Bertrand Piccard, Chairman & President, Solar Impulse Foundation
- Arnaud Champalbert, Conseil du Patronat du Québec
- Isabelle Dubé-Côté, Présidente Ecotech Québec


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