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SOURCE: a Hydropanel that makes drinking water from sunlight and air. Zero Mass Water is dedicated to transforming drinking water for every person every place.

Type Startup or self-employed
Founded 2014
Company Size 110
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Founders Cody Friesen
Headquarters Scottsdale, AZ 85257, USA
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At Zero Mass Water, we have an audacious vision - to perfect water for every person in every place. Our technology and product, SOURCE Hydropanels, deliver optimized water almost anywhere on Earth, off-grid and infrastructure-free. Today, SOURCE is installed across five continents in over 23 countries. Installations include farms, offices, government buildings, orphanages, schools, homes, eco resorts, restaurants, fire stations, public gardens, and many others. Hydropanels make water an unlimited resource with arrays sized to meet the consumption needs of any application. Drinking water stress is experienced by almost every human and on every continent, yet is a fundamental human right that requires potable government supply and infrastructure or purchased bottled water to secure. The global bottled water industry accounts to about half-a-trillion liters sold each year, with bottled water alone accounting for more than 1% of man-made CO2 emissions. Each Hydropanel offsets more than 50,000 plastic bottles, and provides a secure, scalable, and renewable drinking water solution. SOURCE Hydropanels do for water what solar PV does for distributed electricity and what the smart phone does for democratization of information.
Headquarters Scottsdale, AZ 85257, USA

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