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Julie Dautel, Cédric Tomissi



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Zéphyr Solar

Zéphyr Solar develops solar balloons in order to quickly bring energy and services on isolated sites.

Zéphyr Solar is the ambitious project of two enthusiasts founders, Cédric Tomissi and Julie Dautel, driven by the goal to facilitate assistance to people in situation of great precariousness. The company was born out of a shared vision: facilitate humanitarian intervention by allowing access to energy in a crisis situation through solar balloons. We created Zéphyr Solar and our solar balloons to quickly bring energy and services on isolated sites. For this we developed a lightweight solar panels technology integrated on top of the balloons. It produces enough energy to power ground activities and supply on-board equipments such as communication antennas or cameras. Having our balloon between 15 to 150 meters with embedded features also allow us to target the air services markets (drones markets) on 2 segments: surveillance and rapid deployment of telecommunication network.

Company Zéphyr Solar

Solar balloons with embedded features

Offer Solar balloons with embedded features

Zéphyr Solar designs solar balloon that on-board functionalities on the balloon and make them self-sufficient in energy.

We size the balloon, the number of panels depending on the sensor on board and its need for autonomy. This version of the balloon flies from 15 to 150 meters in order to increase a coverage area for a telecommunication antenna or an observation system. This balloon is intended for the isolated places or the extended areas which have needs of autonomy on services in height (telecommunication, observation, light). This balloon does not rediscover energy on the ground. Advantages : - Energy autonomy ; - Variability of height (15m to 150m) ; - Rapid deployment (1h) ; - Integration of different sensors on the same balloon.

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Industry, innovation and infrastructure, Sustainable cities and communities

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End-of-pipe industrial pollution management, Communities infrastructures