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46024 Valencia, Spain

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David Pistoni, Daniel Orient, Juan Vicén




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Zeleros Hyperloop

Zeleros is designing and building a disruptive European hyperloop transportation system for a more efficient and sustainable movement of passengers and cargo worldwide, enabling travel at 1000 km/h using clean energies and energy-efficient infrastructure.

Zeleros designs and develops disruptive technologies for a more efficient and sustainable transportation of hyperloop, the fifth mode of transportation, which will allow to travel at 1000 km/h using clean energies. The founders of Zeleros were doubly awarded by SpaceX at Hyperloop Pod Competition, a challenge organized by visionary Elon Musk, competing against the most prestigious universities in the world. After 2 years of experience in the development of these disruptive hyperloop systems, the founders of the University team decided to take a step forward and created Zeleros. In a very short time, Zeleros has been able to build a strong network of key industry partners interested in the evolution of this new and promising market.Taking advantage of a unique technological approach and major advances in levitation systems, Zeleros aims to become a key player in this new market, designing and manufacturing vehicle technologies and collaborating with its key partners to make the hyperloop a reality. Follow this revolution at: www.zeleros.com