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1015 Lausanne, Switzerland

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Paolo Romano, Lorenzo Zanni, Marco Pignati



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Zaphiro Technologies

Cutting-edge solutions for the smart management of electrical distribution grids.

The ambitious but necessary gas emission reduction goals set by many countries require significant investments in renewable energy, energy efficiency, and electrical grid infrastructure.
Zaphiro’s team has developed an innovative monitoring and automation system for the smart management of electrical distribution grids, called SynchroGuard. The goal is to support utilities in the transition from passive to proactive management of distribution grids, which is necessary to cope with increasing power generation and stricter regulatory requirements. Thanks to unique measurement devices and advanced data-processing algorithms, SynchroGuard provides real-time visibility of the grid status, enables safe integration of renewable energies and electric vehicles, and improves grid reliability by quickly reacting to electrical faults.
The main novelty of Zaphiro’s approach is the use of "synchrophasors" in distribution grids, which are very frequent and synchronized measurements of voltage and electric current, enabling several unique features, such as accurate fault location and the simplest installation on the market.
Even though the concept of synchrophasor exists already for niche applications in high-voltage transmission grids, we have exploited our unique expertise on smart grids to rethink and adapt synchrophasors to distribution grid management. We are currently rolling-out pilot projects with Swiss and Asian utilities, which represent the final product validation before the upcoming commercialization phase.

Company Zaphiro Technologies

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A real-time monitoring and automation solution for smart grids.

SynchroGuard is a solution for smart grids which facilitates the integration of renewables and improves the electrical grid efficiency and reliability.
Solution Label December 2019 Solution