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Xtreme Filtration Performance aim to build clean and efficient filtration systems. Our first product is the nitiFilter®

Xtreme Filtration Performance is dedicated to build the most efficient filtration system albeit clean one : Pure filtration, Clean by nature ! Our first product is the nitiFilter®, an innovative maintenance-free oil filtration system that extends drain intervals. Our system is self-cleaning, hence doesn't require any filter change. Furthermore, the optimal quality of its filtration guarantees better lubrication, better performances, less engine wear and increased protection in case of engine damage. we do significantly extend drain interval



nitiFilter® is an innovative maintenance-free oil filtration system which protect your motor but limit waste

nitiFilter® is a self-cleaning oil filtration system, build to outlast the motor it is used on. Mainly made of aluminum, it has a precisely craft stainless mesh which allow an optimal filtration from day 1. Using a clever trick, motor oil pressure variation, the mesh is cleaned regularly hence filtration stay the same for the lifetime of the filter. All dirts are safely stored away in the purifier. in case of incoming engine failure, more dirts in oil will quickly saturate a standard oil filter which may clogged and the by pass will open : thus when one really need a filter, it's no longer there ! In our solution, we filter 100% of the flux and protect the engine as long as its possible, far extending engine capacity to withstand failure. Furthermore, scientific test have shown that engine using our system have oil which have a better anti-wear effect than clean or used oiled from a standard filter. Of course it's all for the better : less oil consumed mean less water pollution risk ( 1L of oil > 1km2 water polluted ), less carbon away. No filter change avoid the burning of used filter ( pollution + low price so no chance for green energy ). And since the filter is 99% aluminum, even at the end of its life, it's easily recyclable.

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