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With WeNow, cars plant trees while driving!

At WeNow, we develop an ICT-enabled solution to tackle climate change. In a context where the mobility sector is particularly concerned by the urge to reduce carbon emissions (increased carbon taxes, fuel prices, forbidden access to cities for highly pollutant cars) we offer an unprecedented and unique all-in-one solution to reduce to zero our customers' carbon footprint. Our solution is innovative and entirely based on the ICT and ioT fields. Once our device (the WeNowBox), is connected to the car through OBD sensors. First, the driver can measure his car's carbon emissions, energy efficiency, fuel consumption, speed … thanks to powerful data that are tracked per second and through OBD sensors. Our connected solution is also designed with powerful algorithms that we have developed. Second, the driver can reduce his fuel consumption thanks to a digital coaching programme which gives him all the necessary tools and advice to drive eco-friendly and reach energy-efficiency, step by step. In a context where technology is moving fast, we have decided to develop a scalable device to tackle climate change in the long run. Further developments of our solution include gamification, compatibility with electrical, hybrid, CNG environments and Nox tracking. And third, offset. The driver can offset his unavoidable car emissions by financing voluntary offsetting projects to become climate neutral. The user is updated about the news of his project directy on the mobile app. We are offering our clients access to 8 internationally certified projects that meet the highest standards: the United Nation's, the Gold Standard, CCB Standards and the Verified Carbon Standard. In addition, we also plant trees locally in order to engage participants, and have a positive netto impact. Our solution helps user be sensitized about carbon and the impact of their mobility. We also partner with mobility actors by offering green-routing. We are working on the certification of the savings in order to reward users for their efforts and to offer smart cities solutions. In two words, we offer our clients a very simple, affordable and replicable solution to reach carbon neutrality and long-term change of behavior. We have identified and proved that the fuel hence GHG savings generated by our WeNow solution reach 10 to 15%. Some of our customers have even reached higher savings: up to 25% reduced energy bill after 6 months of using our WeNow solution. Our competitive advantage is that we offer companies and individuals a profitable solution that helps them have an impact on climate: their investment on our solution is directly made profitable with their savings on fuel. We are working on the integration of the block chain technology in order to make our solution even more profitable. Our device has helped organizations improve carbon footprint practices and cost efficiency because it is an easy-to-use and certified solution. The automatic and real-time carbon assessment of transport activities we offer, strengthens their engagement to reducing their carbon footprint and increases road safety (ADEME-certified).

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A plug-and-play solution to reduce fuel costs and make driving 100% carbon neutral.

WeNow measures vehicle CO2 emissions and coaches drivers accordingly to help save fuel and emit less - all with their existing vehicles: a unique solution for corporate fleets and individuals.

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