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Waste4Change is social enterprise established in 2014 that focuses on promoting responsible waste management in Indonesia

Waste4Change is a social-enterprise providing waste management solutions with a responsible approach towards zero-waste in Indonesia. Waste4Change offers a complete solution for a variety of needs related to the issue of waste, which consists of: 1. CONSULT – we do study, research, and formulate system about waste management based on your preferences. 2. CAMPAIGN – we create an education program for CSR to Residences/ Community/ School about responsible waste management. 3. COLLECT – we collect waste with our responsible waste management system for residential, offices, restaurant, industry, etc (available for Jabodetabek area only). 4. CREATE – we partnered with recycling/ up-cycling factory to process the collected waste in responsible waste in responsible ways.

Company Waste4Change

Zero Waste to Landfill for Office / Building / Restaurant

Offer Zero Waste to Landfill for Office / Building  / Restaurant

Zero Waste to Landfill Initiative help business communities in achieving zero waste to landfill in their office /resto

With support from Waste4Change, companies in Indonesia can now participate and achieve Zero Waste to Landfill target more easily. --- With Waste4Change services, all waste generated from commercial areas (offices, restaurants, buildings) are all recycled and not delivered to landfill. Food waste is composted, recyclable waste is recycled, while residual waste is processed using RFD technology to cement. --- Target: Commercial areas (offices, restaurants, buildings) --- Activity: 1. Education for employees and cleaning services regarding best practices for waste management in the office 2. Provide educative waste bin and transportation of disaggregated waste 3. Sorting waste to become new material 4. Processing all types of waste with recycling partners 5. Provide waste journey report to clients. ---Impact Goal: 1. Applying the 3R principle (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), 2. Reducing ecological footprint, 3. Promoting sustainable lifestyles for both client's staff and stakeholders 4. Providing the traceability and transparency of the waste. Waste4Change provide waste journey report to the clients. 5. Encourage mindset of circular economy, by changing people mindset from waste to resource material ---Companies and institutions which currently working together with Waste4Change for Zero Waste to Landfill initiative: Unilever, Danone, Decalthon Warehouse, GO-JEK, Netherland Embassy Office, Swedia Embassy Office, Australia Embassy Office, Finlandia Embassy Office, RSPO Office, Kommunal 88 Restaurant, Potato Head Restaurant, KAUM Restaurant, Three Buns Restaurant, Selatan Cafe. --- Short video about us: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ad3mhRsdFw

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