Member - Waste to Energy Eco-Briquette Production Enterprise

The waste 2 Energy Eco-Birquette Production Enterprise a sole NGO entreprise established in Busia District in eastern Uganda and later replicated and scaled to different district of the eastern Uganda to tororo, mbale, iganga and jinja and Kampala respectively Addressing many opportunities in the country side with vast resources that otherwise can be converted into different products and services to benefit humanity through waste value chain addition The availability of raw materials and its abundancy has no economic outlay in many households and public minds The twin challenge of unemployment and climate change are very important challenge that drives waste to energy/biogas solution a must in eastern region.The entreprise provides refined organic compost for agriculture tailored with education of the public to generate demand and meet the demand, biochar, bio-briquettes, biogas to electricity services -

Type Non-profit project
Founded 2003
Company Size 8
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Founders Ongatai Amosiah
Headquarters F3CR+7Q Busia, Uganda
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Waste to energy, a kind of it in eastern Uganda, implemented under YES an NGO based eco-inclusive enterprise aiming to provide waste to energy/biogas answers to various customer groups. In three approaches the enterprise intends to provide bio-sanitation facilities for high volume schools under UPE and USE government institutions and private schools, the urban market vendors and household customers, while providing waste to biogas solutions for their own badly needed power generation needs and purposes. The company als intend to offer sanitary software and hardware support to different clientele through the construction of design specific sanitary facilities in schools, in the market and at household levels or community groups for cases of poorly planned areas. The enterprise will enhance its production capacity to produce energy from biogas by 15% in the next 5 years through producing new and sustainable resources by transforming organic waste, mainly from markets, agrifoods industry, major producers, and catering service establishments, agricultural and municipal green wastes, into energy and fertilizer products. With a site for deconditioning unit, to produce green electricity, composting unit producing organic soils conditioner, and bio-char for farmers, market gardeners and commercial gardeners in Eastern region. Importation and marketing of biogas digesters fuelled with organic kitchen waste, waste foots, human waste from toilet facilities of public and private institutions and waste from slaughter house and electricity from deconditioned bio-degradable waste unit and markets. Through its multi-faceted biogas approach, waste to energy helps to bring tailored waste management systems and education about renewable energy sources to many different segments of the population – such as private households, public institutions, communities and industries – instead of limiting itself to just one. The enterprise will document various technology information for sharing, conduct capacity building, training, show casing, identification of environmentally sound technologies and project implementation.
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Headquarters F3CR+7Q Busia, Uganda

SDG’s of application

The Sustainable Development Goals are a call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure peace and prosperity everywhere.
Clean water and sanitation
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Affordable and clean energy
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Industry, innovation and infrastructure
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Sustainable cities and communities
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Responsible consumption and production
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