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Frédéric Chomé & Xavier Marichal



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Who has never dreamed of borrowing rather than buying objects that are used twice a year and that clutter attics ?

Who has never dreamed of borrowing what he needs rather than buying it? No more objects that you use once or twice a year and clutter your garages, cellars and attics! Usitoo is a library of objects of a new kind that brings you a simple, economical, durable and non-bonded object borrowing solution. And which delivers objects near to users, in a network of delivery points. Usitoo vision is to extend the scope of the functional economy to day-to-day objects as a common practice in European cities. Activities have started in Brussels and will progressively expand from there to cover the whole of Belgium during 2018. Then, the next step will be to replicate the concept in other cities and countries to serve more citizens. Usitoo mission is to make sure its members get the objects they need when they need it and where they need it. Hence the primary organisation as a library of stuff, with an online platform for direct transactions and reservation, and an associated delivery service. In opposition to recent (in)famous leaders of the sharing economy, Usitoo values are transparent and coherent: Usitoo is a cooperative (Belgian SCRL) where all citizens, and of course in particular members of the Usitoo service, are welcome as shareholders (aka “co-operators”). This is key to empower citizens in a way that they can directly benefit from the result of their behavioural change, making circular not only the use of objects but also the financial streams.

Labelled solution

Rental system for everyday objects

Thanks to a monthly or prepaid fee, Usitoo provides an unlimited access to a huge library of low-usage objects.
Solution Label March 2019 Solution