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Unwasted® manufacture Neverwaste® - the world’s first circular economy panel board, made from 100% waste material.

Type Startup or self-employed
Founded 2016
Company Size 15
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Founders Rod Fountain
Headquarters Fenchurch St, London EC3M 5JD, Royaume-Uni
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Neverwaste® is a brand new high performance sheet material made entirely from waste materials without the use of any glues, resins or chemicals that can be harmful to health and the environment, and unlike timber-based panels, can be recycled an infinite number of times to make new sheets. The new material can be used to make furniture, kitchens, interior walls and doors, and virtually anything else that would otherwise be made of unsustainable timber- based panels like MDF and particleboard. The Neverwaste® proposition includes a guarantee of take - back and reuse of the material at end of use, thus ensuring the valuable raw materials are never wasted or burned or landfilled but instead get reu sed indefinitely to make new high quality board in a pure circular economy model. Neverwaste® comprises 100% waste cellulose fibres from low value waste streams such as cardboard, packaging, waste wood, agri waste, textiles and coffee cups. It meets the requirements of the EC Circular Economy Package that became law in all member states in July 2020 and that requires all manufacturers to use increasing quantities of recycled material in their production, to conserve raw materials, reduce waste, and to cover 80% of the end of life costs of their products. Neverwaste® responds directly to the need to control raw materials and supply chains on a regional basis in a post-Coronavirus world. Neverwaste® is produced by refining waste cardboard (and other waste materials) in a proprietary process such that the molecular structure of the cellulose is altered in such a way as to enable glue-free bonding under heat and pressure. The natural bonding means the material can be re-pulped and re-used at end of life to make brand new board, a benefit much desired by manufacturers in many industries worldwide. Now the combination of laboratory work and prototype product design, manufacture and testing with customers in the UK and Europe has led to the start of commercial production.​ The Neverwaste® product: • Made from post consumer and industrial waste cellulose removing the need for the harvesting of virgin timber and preventing the waste cellulose being burned or landfilled and thus lost as a valuable resource • Compliant with the circular economy and resource efficiency requirements of the EU Circular Economy Package (CEP) that becomes law in all member states in July 2020 • Does not add any potentially harmful toxins or chemicals and the product can be remade back into itself at end of use or life • Non toxic • Lower CO2 emissions than conventional wood - based panel board production Benefits: • A sustainable, circular economy choice • Can be used instead of most wood- based panel boards including MDF, with similar or better performance characteristics • Can be machined using all standard methods to produce desired finish and profile • Can be manufactured to levels of heat and water resistance as required by customers • Total lifecycle guarantee – all materials are capable of being reused to make new materials • Can give manufacturers and contractors an advantage in competitive contract tenders with extra points available for circular economy, CSR, sustainability, and ‘clean building’ certification programmes such as LEED and BREEAM. Scores highly in innovation, materials, and waste. • Can be made from the cardboard waste produced by the manufacturer or contractor
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Headquarters Fenchurch St, London EC3M 5JD, Royaume-Uni

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