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Scalable flywheel energy storage for EV ultra-fast charging and micro-grid retrofitting.

Type Startup or self-employed
Founder 2014
Company Size 15
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Founders Petri Saarinen, Oskari Heikkilä, Ted Ridgway-Watt, Mikko Järvinen, Philippe Pepin
Headquarters 02150 Espoo, Finlande
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Teraloop Oy


The energy transition relies on high levels of energy generation from renewable sources. This will require a substantial increase in effective energy storage, to ensure availability of supply, grid flexibility and reliability. Teraloop addresses that demand with scalable and sustainable solutions based on our patented kinetic energy storage, offering a low cost of ownership for applications requiring heavy cycling. Our solutions distinguish themselves first in the hubless configuration of our rotor topology, which enables us to scale efficiently to higher power and energy than competing flywheel solutions, as well as a higher energy density. We further innovate with sustainable material innovations, such as bio-based and recycled carbon fibre, magnetically loaded composites, and bio-based epoxy resins. Our focus is related to electric vehicle ultra-fast charging (350kW) and micro-grid retrofitting, although our technology is also competitive for Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) and Fault Ride-Through (FRT); Virtual Power Plants (VPP) and Frequency Containment Reserves (FCR).
Headquarters 02150 Espoo, Finlande

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