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Swimsol GmbH

World's first marine-grade floating solar power plant for the sea

Swimsol GmbH builds solar systems for regions where space for traditional solar technology is limited, and energy is produced mainly with fossil fuels. Large scale floating solar power has the potential to significantly reduce the fossil fuel consumption e.g. in island resorts, saving many hundreds liters of diesel per day. Considering tropical island regions, inland lakes and large coastal cities, the worldwide market potential is estimated to be more than USD 60bn until 2030.



SolarSea™ is a commercial renewable energy product that creates space for solar panels on the sea surface

In 2014, Swimsol launched the world’s first floating solar solution for the sea. SolarSea is a commercial renewable energy product that creates space for solar panels on the sea surface, it consists of separate floating platforms of 196m2 that can be arranged in a system of any required size. Each platform is equipped with 25 kW of marine grade solar panels. The solar panels on floating solar platforms give a 5-10% higher output than rooftop systems in the same geographical region. This is due to the cooling effect of water and additional light reflections from the water surface. Working with electronics in the tropical marine environment is a challenge. We, therefore, searched for high-quality components, subjected them to stress testing and selected only the best for our systems. We use heavy-duty, high-performance panels developed specifically for tropical marine regions, and our systems have a lifetime of around 30 years.

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