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1012 DK Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Erik Schoneveld & Laurens van Graafeiland




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Sustonable has developed and patented a process to produce composite stone material bond by recycled PET bottles.

We produce a thin, lightweight sustainable composite stone product that can be used for high quality and affordable kitchen tops or external wall facades. The Quartz mineral filler is bonded by recycled PET coming from post consumer PET drinking bottles, thus reducing the PET bottles ending up in land fills or Oceans. The production process is patented and highy efficient, producing an eco friendly and high quality composite stone. Our mission is to build several production plants around the world and we are looking for investors to join us in this mission.

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Kitchen countertops from recycled PET bottles

Sustonable have developed and patented a composite stone bonded together by recycled PET bottles and quartz, as well as the process to produce it at large scale into a high quality product.

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