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Jean-Yves Peugnieu, Jean-Baptiste Malaud and Bertrand Fontaine





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Sunoptimo SA

Welcome to the new solar thermal world! Sunoptimo created a new solution to supply unlimited solar heat to everyone.

Sunoptimo has been founded in 2011 to develop large scale solar thermal products. In 2015, we created an all in one solar thermal concept: the Opticube was born. This solution is commercialized all over the world and meet a constanstly growing success. From 3 people in 2011, the company has grown up and 9 people are now part of the project. At Sunoptimo, our final goal is to deliver solar heat to replace as most fossil fuels energy as we can. This will be our contribution to make our planet green again.

Company Sunoptimo SA

Opticube: a new solar thermal solution

Offer Opticube: a new solar thermal solution

Discover the new all in one solar thermal container system, easy to install and accessible to everyone in the world!

Sunoptimo, a Belgian solar thermal manufacturing company, began its activities in 2011. As many of others, we faced some difficulties regarding to classic solar thermal systems, and came to one obvious conclusion: the solar heat market had to make a change! We decided to reshuffle the deck, and start a new adventure from scratch. First of all, we wanted to find a solution which would be easy to transport and to set-up on site. The idea that came up was to integrate our technology and know-how inside a sea container, so that everyone can build it up everywhere in the world. To go further, the circular economy had to be in the center of this project. Each component that we choosed is cradle to cradle from the container to the solar thermal collectors. Once we had the concept in mind, we designed, manufactured and tested the product. At last, we had to find it a name: the Opticube was born. From the very beginning, the Opticube met great success and is now exported in Europe and African countries. Opticube has been laureate for the ADEME's large scale solar thermal call in France with a 1200m² industrial project. Its goal: deliver solar heat to industrial processes, disctrict heating and social projects (500 MWh/year of solar heat meaning 3225 T avoided CO2 emmissions). Good for the planet, good for the wallet ;o) We are happy to recognized as large scale solar thermal supplier by "solar payback" label (www.solar-payback.com). And we would be glad to be part of the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution label!

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