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80935 Munich, Germany

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Laurin Hahn, Jona Christians & Navina Pernsteiner




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Sono Motors GmbH

Sono Motors develops the Sion, an EV with integrated solar cells and mobility services for a future without emissions.

Sono Motors develops the eco-friendly and low-cost electric car "Sion" with, amongst other innovative USPs, integrated solar cells in the entire chassis of the vehicle. Via this photovoltaic system, the Sion can recharge. The other unique selling propositions include bi-directional charging, a range of 250 km with a self-loading capacity of approx. 30 km per day, an open-source repair and maintenance system and mobility services, integrated into the infotainment system. In addition, Sono is pursuing a sharing model that goes beyond offering an electric vehicle: through power-sharing, car-sharing, and/or ride-sharing, the Sion turns into an active economic asset, and power storage unit for urban uses. Sono Motors will compensate all unavoidable CO2 emissions produced during the production process of the Sion.

Company Sono Motors GmbH

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An Electric Vehicle able to recharge itself through integrated solar panels system

With 330 separate solar cells integrated into the chassis of the car, the Sion can charge itself for up to 30km a day in European weather conditions – enough for city commuters.
Solution Label July 2018 Solution