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SOFTCAR SA offers licenses to assemble low footprint cars next to mega cities. SOFTCAR propose soft mobility

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Founded 2011
Company Size 22
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Founders Francois Vuille & Jean-Luc Thuliez
Headquarters 1700 Fribourg, Switzerland
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SOFTCAR for SOFT MOBILITY SOLUTION SOFTCAR offers a new solution of soft mobility, ideal for cleaning up urban centers. Everything is designed at SOFTCAR to reduce the carbon footprint as much as possible. The vehicles are designed in 4 modules, which are sent from assembly centers. DNA: Descendant in direct line of Swatch - mobile idea, SOFTCAR took over from 0 the conception of a vehicle to propose a new solution allowing to produce vehicles with the lowest carbon footprint ever realized. From the off-site assembly center, to the new materials used, to the ultra-light chassis, everything at Softcar is designed taking into account the complete life cycle of the vehicle to reduce the carbon footprint. The genes of evolution have been integrated at the start and 4 bodies and 16 graphics will be produced annually. Via the "Soft Cloud database", users will send back a global user experience and the evolution will be in the addition of lightness, reduction of CO2, and reduction of the carbon footprint, safety and associated services. The chassis and hull have been designed to enter the circular economy and the license sale system allows us to quickly propagate our Softcar product all over the planet, which will ultimately allow these avant garde vehicles to be distributed for the most large number. We are positioning ourselves as precursors of a paradigm shift in the design, manufacture and distribution of our vehicles. We let you discover in this document how, starting from the probably cleanest car, we are going to make leaser our vehicles cheaper than our competitors and how we manage to concentrate such a quantity of USP on a single vehicle. Mission: The Mission of SOFTCAR is to offer a solution to depollute mobility in the megacities of our planet. SOFTCAR has designed the cleanest car and the assembly center to produce, sell, recycle vehicles as close as possible to users. We introduced a notion of sharing in the limited series then that part of the gain from the sales is returned to humanitarian organizations Goal: The company goal is to reduce CO2 for mobility. To achieve this goal, SOFTCAR WILL finalize the development of a clean city car, will set-up a pilot plant in Switzerland in order to demonstrate that SOFTCAR is the lowest cost and cleanest car ever, and then leverage on this success , with a geographically distributed manufacturing model based on a worldwide licensing approach. License package contain patents right of use, factory and equipment layout, parts design, access to production tools , complete recipice to build the cleanest car ,communication from SWIZERLAND, parts organization to start an assembly production plant in a few months, new limited series of graphic art . Technologies: SOFTCAR SA has developed a range of innovative technologies to conceive vehicles with very low environmental footprint. These technologies are mainly based on the massive use of novel materials such as polymers and advanced composites, which allows for vehicles with breakthrough light weight architectures to be produced. This approach also reduces by a factor 20 the number of parts in the vehicle compared to standard commercial electric vehicles, which simplifies enormously the manufacturing process and hence the production costs. A further key innovation lies in the complete decoupling of the chassis and body, away from classical integrated steel frame chassis, which offers a range of technical and commercial advantages, as a complete SOFTCAR body can be Micro-manufacturing: SOFTCAR’s manufacturing process is unprecedentedly low capex, thanks to the very simple vehicle architecture and assembling approach. This unique manufacturing approach allows for micro-factories with capacity as low as 5000 vehicles / year to be economically viable, while producing clean vehicles with highly competitive prices. This is a paradigm shift compared to the current trend for automotive giga-factories. Moreover, each micro-factory could benefit from a dedicated vehicle design. These assets offer the unique opportunity to deploy geographically distributed micro-factories to meet local market needs, while generating local jobs and strong product identification by local populations. Licensing model: The company goal is to set-up a pilot plant in Switzerland to produce and commercialize a SOFTCAR city car in order to demonstrate that our technologies allow to manufacture the lowest cost and cleanest car ever. We will then leverage on this success to capture growing market shares globally, both for city cars and light duty vehicles, based on a worldwide licensing approach for micro-factories. License packages contain amongst other things the right of use of SOFTCAR’s patents, the factory and equipment layout, the parts design, the complete manufacturing recipe, the technology transfer until operational start-up, and a unique vehicle design upon request.
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Headquarters 1700 Fribourg, Switzerland

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