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Unnamed Road, Askari V Askari 5, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

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Fareed Shahid



  • Affordable and clean energy

  • Sustainable cities and communities



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SABCO Solutions

Providing off- grid communities with life changing access to affordable and innovative renewable energy solutions

SABCO Solutions is dedicated towards renewable energy solution targeting primarily the off-grid Bottom-of-Pyramid(BoP) customers and works to develop a last mile distribution mechanism through various partnerships(commercial/social/microfinance). SABCO provides quality products and solutions addressing to basic energy requirements to communities that are primarily off-grid or have bad grid connectivity. The products are backed with warranty and after sales support. All the solutions offer highly feasible opportunities to the customer, mainly on three counts:( Portability, Ease of use,Reliability) The potential impact from the rollout of solar portable solution are: - Impact on Lives: Given their predominant use in households, the use of one lighting solution is estimated to enable 5 individuals to gain access to renewable energy . Enabling students to study longer: This would help children/ household to study better and longer (during dark hours) resulting in better educational attainment, and a safer household environment . CO2 offset: Transition to renewable sources for basic energy requirements reduces carbon emissions, as most of the conventional sources use fossil fuels, or environmentally unsustainable means of energy production. Savings: The customers can save recurring expenses on energy access. Increased productivity: Given that, the lighting solutions would enable the beneficiaries to pursue activities for additional hours (during dark). These include studying, and/or working to help earn additional income

Company SABCO Solutions

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Portable solar solutions for Off-Grid Communities.

SABCO proposes several solar solutions: a basic solar lantern, a solar task light, an entry level solar lantern, a lantern with mobile charging, and a lighting system.
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