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The Secretary-General has received the following statement, which is being circulated in accordance with paragraphs 36 and 37 of Economic and Social Council resolution 1996/31. By Alvaro Riba Founder, President RIBA FOUNDATION Statement: Area: Population Commission; food security, nutrition, and sustainable development. The Sustainable Development Goals are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. They address the global challenges we face, including those related to poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental degradation, peace, and justice. According to UNOPS and the United Nations Environmental Programme, globally, there are large gaps in infrastructure service delivery and accessibility —around 2.2 billion people lack access to safe drinking water, 4.2 billion lack access to sanitation, 1,940 million lack electricity, and 1 billion lack access to all-weather roads. Economically disadvantaged people are, to varying degrees, underserved by infrastructure. When infrastructure services do exist, prevailing socio-economic inequalities and poor design can inhibit these vulnerable groups from accessing them. A UNITED INTERNATIONAL EFFORT TO CREATE A NEW MULTICULTURAL FUTURISTIC CITY WITH THE CAPABILITY TO PROVIDE ANY VULNERABLE OR DISADVANTAGED PERSON A SAFE ENVIRONMENT (sponsored migrant sanctuary) Guanacaste - Costa Rica We are creating the first safe and modern destination for migrants, or any person in a disadvantaged situation and provide them with the necessary tools to live and train so that they may find a future home in a nation who wants them. We believe that through the common interest of the countries affected by one situation or the other, and under the flag of the United Nations, we can create a solution. We believe this solution to be our program, La Pacifica. With the assistance of the peaceful Costa Rican people, we will be able to initiate the first recreate model for a Futuristic City that can house migrants to live and work safely. A place to provide them with the knowledge they need to survive wherever they may be needed. We want people to understand and adapt to this concept so that future children have a new and more productive way of living. Our biggest concern is the massive migrations that surprise nations globally. These massive migrations disrupt both the peace of the citizenship and the function of government, bringing uncertainty to not only the local populace but to those who risked life and limb to escape impossible situations. These migrations can be an opportunity, however. Many countries are in need of a trained workforce to repopulate small villages, farms, and to work in tourism service areas. These governments are constantly searching for people who know their culture, language, and laws, but those who meet the criteria are in short supply. La Pacifica Program is defined as infrastructure that accounts for the needs of everyone, ensures equal access to quality services, and enhances access to development opportunities for the broadest segments of society, especially vulnerable and marginalized groups. Our work Our Costa Rica-based NGO has worked for the last 30 years in improving the methods to help the conservation of nature, the lives of the citizens surrounding these areas, the repopulation of native wildlife species, and ensuring sufficient survival prey. Through the years, we found that in order to sustain the natural environment, people needed to understand it, and adapt their daily habits to minimize their impact. To this end, we decided to embark on creating the first Futurist City in America, that will make nature and its importance a key factor of its design and culture; a part of all daily activities. As we advance in our journey, we found that due to its focus on sustainable living, this city could prove to be a host to many humanitarian efforts, such as the housing of disadvantaged migrants, and provide them the needed training to thrive in a new environment. Our challenges ahead To raise the necessary funds to initiate this first project in a 2600 Hectare property in Costa Rica Developing the right tools to identify and track the necessities of resident migrants. Providing a safe living and work environment for migrants in all aspects of daily life. Improve citizen’s lives and reduce urban poverty. Ensuring an environmentally viable operation. Our expectations for the next 5 years. 10,000 VERTICAL HOMES: Affordable, sustainable, and energy-smart, and efficient living for citizens. We will offer small but technologically advanced housing, emphasizing common spaces that will include all types of recreational, cultural, and sporting developments for both the young and the old. NATURE AS PART OF DAILY LIFE: "La Pacifica City" will be surrounded by nature, with running water converted into beautiful art cascades, wide walk pads, and bike roads so everyone can go anywhere. MULTICULTURAL EDUCATION FOR EVERYONE: A specialized School and University that is to be an international training facility and function as an exchange of services for teachers, students, doctors, paramedics, technical engineers, among others, that will help to create a variety of skilled jobs in the focus areas of the project. It will also have the potential to meet the goals of the 2016-2030 agenda of the United Nations if used to implement a campaign to educate the population on emergency procedures during catastrophic events ART, THEATER AND SPORTS as part of a daily life HEALTH, WORK, AND FOOD FOR EVERYONE AND INVOLVEMENT AS PART OF THE CITY. 3 HOSPITALS Children, General Services and Geriatrics (500 BED EACH) HOTEL LA PACIFICA (in place) 500 HECTARES OF ORGANIC RICE PLANTATION (in place) 100 HECTARES OF TILAPIA FARM (in place) 900 HECTARES FOR CATTLE PASTURE (in place) 800 HECTARES OF SUGARCANE PLANTATION 10 HECTARE FREE ZONE AREA WITH VERTICAL INFRASTRUCTURE ( will create 30,000 jobs) MODERN LIVING AND FREE SOLAR ENERGY TRANSPORTATION IN THE CITY (FREE OF COMBUSTION VEHICLES AND SMOKE) POWER SELF SUFFICIENT The property that we choose has access to main water canals that irrigate the entire area of the north of the Pacific Coast. We want to take advantage of it and produce our power with hydroelectric technologies. THE INCORPORATION OF SAR-506 AS A REGIONAL SEARCH & RESCUE BASE To provide the help needed to rescue migrants in imminent danger. All the above is the matter that puts our NGO today before the 53rd session of the Commission on Population and Development
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Headquarters H.Q Across the Street from Medical Center Ebais San Jeronimo de Moravia, Moravia, San Jose

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