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Recycled Island Foundation

We retrieve plastic waste from rivers, before it reaches seas. Collected plastics are recycled into floating parks.

The Recycled Island Foundation makes proposals how to deal with plastic pollution and climate change. From our Rotterdam office we work on the prevention, awareness, education, retrieval and re-use of marine litter. Our key projects are currently our litter traps, to retrieve marine debris, and Recycled Park. Our litter traps and floating parks are made of recycled plastics. The litter traps retrieve plastics from rivers in multiple countries, just before it reaches sea. The plastics are recycled to give new value to the river. From the plastics we construct floating platforms for a new green environment; a floating park. Recycled Park is realized in Rotterdam. After this successful implementation we are introducing this approach in more rivers and harbours worldwide.

Company Recycled Island Foundation

Recycled Park

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Retrieves plastic waste from the river before it reaches the ocean. Collected plastics are recycled into floating parks.

Recycled Park is the proposal to retrieve plastic waste from rivers before it enters the ocean. This is done by passive Litter Traps, which are placed in river mouths. The captured plastics are recycled to give a new value to the river; the plastics are used as building materials for floating parks. The plastic is given a new value as floating capacity for green environments. Floating parks are a plus for the city of Rotterdam, but will also fulfill an ecological role in the river water. The building blocks are designed in such a way that not only can grow nature on top, but in the water new life will have its sole for existence as well. The bottom of the platform will have a rough finishing where plants can have enough surface to grow and fish a place to leave their eggs. The building blocks of the floating parks are composed of 5m² hexagon blocks, which come in six different types and therefore allow for a larger and more varied landscape do be built. Additionally, the intercepted litter is also used for the building of passive Litter Traps.

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