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Samantha L. SNABES, Matthew FIEDLER



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re:3D Inc.

Committed to decimating the cost & scale barriers to industrial 3D printing. After pioneering the world’s first affordable, human-scale industrial 3D printer, re:3D is now enabling 3D printing from reclaimed plastic via directly from pellets or flake.

PROBLEM/OPPORTUNITY While the 3D printing market has become increasingly competitive, concentration within the industry remains low. This fragmentation implies a compelling market opportunity for new entrants such as re:3D. However, four limiting factors constrain the market potential of industrial 3D printing: cost, printer size, printing speed & access to input material.
re:3D is actively addressing all of these limitations through their research in pellet extrusion. SOLUTION/PRODUCT Gigabot®, re:3D’s flagship technology that cost/scale is the most affordable industrial 3D printer on the market, is distinguished by a modular frame and a commitment to owners that all improvements & re-designs will be offered as retrofit kits.
Loyal customers thus become accounts, continuously purchasing enhancements and consumables as the technology evolves. This platform can now be modified to 3D printing with filament or pellets. MARKET POTENTIAL With over $5 Million in sales and penetration into multiple verticals, re:3D is poised to capitalize on the rapidly growing industrial 3D printing segment. The introduction of a new printer & drying system to allow 3D printing from pellets & recyclables promises to open up new international markets and double sales within one year of commercialization.
The target market for this new technology includes medium to large manufacturers in geographies whose supply chains constrain access to imported 3D printer input materials, such as NGOs, island nations and enterprises with remote operations. BUSINESS MODEL/EXECUTION PLAN re:3D’s revenue is generated from direct hardware sales, design & contract print services, as well as training & advising businesses on leveraging 3D printing to maintain their competitive advantage.
TRACTION re:3D’s current customer base includes users from 50+ countries. The largest traction has been in manufacturing, rapid prototyping, design, and education, to include many enterprises and federal agencies. One-time sales average $13500 USD for a Gigabot, with repeat sales for upgrades, additional Gigabots, custom solutions and feedstock. re:3D also offers services for installation, maintenance, and upgrades.
With the introduction of a pellet printer in 2019, re:3D anticipates penetration into at least 15 new countries in 18 months. THE TEAM/RELEVANT EXPERIENCE re:3D is comprised of former NASA contracted technicians, strategists & engineers that have the knowledge to execute their vision and can easily customize Gigabot to support problem-solvers worldwide.

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An industrial 3D printer-to 3D print directly from reclaimed plastic pellets or flake.

Gigabot X is a pellet printer to 3D print using recycled plastic.
Solution Label November 2019 Solution