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Ruud van den Heijkant



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Qurkies BV

QURKIES: Eco-friendly toy blocks made of CORK! QURKIES are soft, silent and compatible with the plastic blocks.

At QURKIES we love Duplo® because it boosts creativity... We also love nature and ecologic sense. So why not make those toy blocks from a natural material? Exactly! Because we want the best future for our kids, we have made QURKIES; educational toy blocks made from natural and eco-friendly cork. 1. Eco friendly: Cork is one of the most eco-friendly materials. Cork is an amazing CO2 sponge. Cork leaves no production waste and is fully recyclable. 2. Soft: Ever stepped barefooted on a plastic block? That %^&# hurts! QURKIES are safe for your kids and soft for your feet. 3. Silent: No more noise from that falling tower. QURKIES create a peaceful atmosphere during play. They are friendly for your home and your neighbors. 4. Compatible: QURKIES are fully compatible with original Duplo and unlocks new levels of playing. Build a catamaran or unleash your fantasy. QURKIES are invented by Ruud van den Heijkant. A Dutch product designer and a father of two. ‘When I first became a father, I was astonished by the amount of plastic used on toys. Plastic has an ecologic footprint of a dinosaur. So not something you want to give to your kids. I wanted to take an iconic example of a plastic toys and turn that into something natural’. The idea for QURKIES was born. ‘Product design is about concessions, we need to stop making concessions on our environment. QURKIES was successfully funded on Kickstarter in March 2018.

Company Qurkies BV

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Eco-friendly education toy blocks.

QURKIES are Duplo-compatible toy blocks made of eco-friendly cork.
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