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PRS have developed a disruptive technology for the industrial repair of large series of reusable plastic articles.

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Headquarters 31192 Valle de Egüés, Navarre, Spain
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Plastic Repair System


PRS offers a plastic repair service based on a welding technique with high density virgin plastic filler material suitable for food use. This method guarantees 100% recovery of the repaired object’s functionality, at least 98% of its original strength and a very similar appearance. Thanks to this method, customers benefit from a 70% cost reduction in comparison to the purchase of a new item and from a 98% carbon emission reduction compared to alternative solutions. BENEFITS - SIGNIFICANT SAVING COSTS: around 70%, if the customers repair their damaged goods instead of buying new ones. Example: the cost of a new pallet that weighs 18,20kg is around 40-60€ and, to be repaired by PRS, it requires only 100 grams of plastic welding material. The cost of the repair is about 30% of the cost of buying a new pallet (only 1/3 of a new item!). Thanks to PRS repairing service, one of the leaders of the sector of can producers was able to save €1M and almost 800 tons of CO2 at the same time and, even more, they were able to create 9 new jobs for disabled people in just one year. -CARBON FOOTPRINT REDUCTION: repairing and reusing plastic goods emits 220 times less CO2 than recycling, burial or cremation of those items. Plastic waste and its negative impact on the environment is reduced, decreasing the carbon footprint. We have estimated the carbon footprint savings of our activity from the data extracted from study “Environmental impact analysis of pallet management” (A. Mazeika). The CO2 footprint per kilo of plastic disposed will be: 0.22680kg/CO2 when recycling, 0.92986 kg/CO2 when landfilling, and 1.42428 kg/CO2 when incinerating. And we also should add to this figures the CO2 emitted during the plastic production process to replace the discarded item, which would be 3.5kg/CO2 per kilo of plastic. On the other hand, repairing 1 kilo of plastic would emit 0.02039kg of C02 and as the repaired item would be ready to use, it wouldn’t be necessary to manufacture a new one. To sum up and as an example, recycling (which will be the second most environmentally friendly alternative to repairing) and replacing one pallet of 18,20kg would emit 67.828kg/co2 while repairing it would just emit 0.371kg of co2. So that is why we can say that repairing is 182 times much better than recycling and repairing it. In the last two years PRS has achieved a retention of 12.519 tons of CO2 which would have been emitted by other alternative solutions different from repairing, such as recycling, landfilling or incinerating. - 9 YEARS EXPERIENCE: through the last 9 years the company has developed an industrialized process that allows to offer short delivery times to guarantee quality. PRS also has set up a net of almost 20 facilities in Spain and one more in Mexico and is also planning to open new workshops in Europe in 2020. -RELIABILITY: we should also stress the fact that PRS has his own patented and certified method. Two well-known independent technical institutes in Spain, such as AIMPLAS and CEMITEC, agree on certifying that a plastic good repaired under our method recovers 100% its functionality and at least 98% of its strength. Furthermore, Plastic Repair works under ISO quality standards (ISO 9001 and ISO 14001). In addition, one of PRS clients, which is the largest pooling company in the world, carried out demanding test on the PRS repaired pallets in USA which validated the reparation quality. On the other hand, the materials used in the repair are perfectly suitable for food use. And also the exact colour of the wire can be chosen, which guarantees the aesthetical quality of the repaired items. - INDUSTRY SPECIALIZATION: PRS is repairing pallets, crates, frame tops, boxes, etc. for large companies from different sectors. Just in the last year has repaired more than 100,000 products of companies such as Chep, Crown, Campofrío or Mahou. -CONTRIBUTION TO THEIR CUSTOMERS CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: as PRS is a company that enables the labour and social inclusion of people with disability, PRS contributes to the integration of disabled people in the labour market, reaching agreements with different Authorized Workshops that are Special Employment Centres. Apart from that, the activity of repairing equipment and plastic goods makes PRS a Circular Economy Company. As a recognition of the social and environmental impact of PRS project, our company has won different prizes and awards. Those are helping PRS to position ourselves better in the circular economy industry: · PRS has been included as one example of best practice in Circular Economy by the EU Commission. · PRS won the first prize in the European Business Awards for the Environment 2018 in Spain. · The interest and novelty of this project has been recognized by EU: PRS has been awarded in the Product&Services European Business Awards for the Environment, 14/Nov/2018 in Vienna (Austria). · PRS was invited by the Commission to participate in the Circular Economy Mission to Mexico 24/April/19. · PRS has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. · PRS has been one of the 14 chosen companies by Orizont, an agro-alimentary innovation program of Sodena, a financial instrument of the Government of Navarre.
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Headquarters 31192 Valle de Egüés, Navarre, Spain

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