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Pellenc ST



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Pellenc ST

French manufacturer of optical sorting equipment for waste treatment and the recycling industries

Pellenc ST designs, produces and sells optical sorting equipment for waste treatment and the recycling industries. Based on proprietary R&D and "Made in France" manufacturing, Pellenc ST offers equipment that is robust and easy-to-use. The company develops methods and quality control processes. Pellenc ST is certified ISO 14001, ISO 180001 and ISO 9001. With over 1.400 machines installed worldwide, the Pellenc ST network benefits from local team specially dedicated to the customers satisfaction. Our sales and customers teams support their partners with specific expertise to optimize their sorting line. Our hotline responds 24/7 and our service engineers travel worldwide to guarantee the highest level of performance and availibility. As a player involved in the circular economy, our mission is to offer sorting technology state of the art solutions. We work also closely with public organizations and recycling associations so that everyone becomes aware of the existing solutions to answer the environmental stakes of tomorrow.

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Pellenc ST

Multi-material optical sorting machine to help recycle large amounts of waste quickly and accurately.

Designed to automate waste sorting and meet the latest recycling challenges, this solution processes between 2 and 20 tons per hour per machine, sorting complex materials that change regularly.

Mistral+: the multi-material sorting machine

The Mistral+ is the brand-new optical sorting machine dedicated to sorting centers and recycling facilities.

This range of machines combines infrared and visible spectroscopy to give a second life to the waste. Mistral+ is the result of a 4-year development involving over 30 engineers from Pellenc ST. Extensive feedback coming from our clients, our customer service team and our employees has been taken into account to design this piece of equipment. The Mistral+ is built on the experience of over 1,400 Mistral machines installed all over the world, over the past 15 years. In addition, significant investments have been made to ensure the qualification of each component and subsystem: over 10 endurance testing sessions, thousands of hours of field and lab testing were carried out to ensure the best reliability and performance. Several patents are pending to protect our innovation. The entire company stands behind this project and will continue to work hard to make it the best optical sorting machine available on the market. Our team focused on 3 main development priorities: simplicity of use, reliability and performance. This machine was reinvented to guaranty safety and reduce maintenance time by 50%. With the upper platform, the operator can clean the detection system without stopping the sorting line. And with the two other output box platforms, he can enter inside the output box to clean and replace electro valves in a safety environment. Moreover, a new user interface was developed to give real time analysis on the input stream, key figures (chlorine rate, calorific power, humidity…) and to monitor error management and smart diagnosis. Mistral + integrates a new industrial PC for an improved MTBF, a new cooling concept based on a Vortex tube system that needs no maintenance and a new mono block nozzle bar with 35% more efficiency. This machine also includes an improved detection system, a 50% better electro valve response time, and lighting power was reduced by half with the same signal quality. This all-in-one concept now integrates heavy duty features as our standard (IP65 standards, retractable valve block…) and remains highly versatile and meets the most demanding needs of any market.

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