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Alexandre Feray



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We develop innovative Big Data Software to help airlines save fuel and reduce CO2 emissions.

OpenAirlines was founded in Toulouse in 2006 by Alexandre Feray, head of Flight Ops IT department at Air France, to meet the needs of airlines to optimize their flight operations and reduce their costs. Leveraging a team of airline specialists, it offers innovative software solutions to save fuel and CO2 emissions (SkyBreathe®), manage crews (CrewIntelligence™ and Crew Pad™) and fleet (OptiFleet™).


Skybreathe Fuel Efficiency

SkyBreathe® is an innovative eco-flying solution to save fuel and reduce CO2 emissions of airlines

The solution has been developed following extensive R&D since 2009, in particular within the scope of European research project Clean Sky. SkyBreathe® is today recognized as the most advanced fuel-saving solution in the marketplace. The software uses Big Data algorithms to analyze a large quantity of flight data (from black boxes, weather data, traffic data…) on each flight operated by airlines. Then, it detects maneuvers or best practices that could be implemented to improve their fuel efficiency. By providing extensive KPIs, reports, and dashboards as well as individual pilot briefing and debriefing tools, it enables airlines to reduce their fuel consumption and CO2 emissions up to 5%. A significant figure, given that fuel expense, accounts for some 30% of their costs. Besides making an important contribution to environmental protection SkyBreathe® is extremely cost-effective and provides high ROI. it has been industrially implemented at airlines since 2013 and is now successfully deployed within 25 airlines worldwide. Every day, SkyBreathe® reduces the environmental impact of aviation. in 2016, the Big Data solution helped airlines save 50 Million kg of Fuel, 25 Million of dollars and 150 000 tons of CO2.

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Industry, innovation and infrastructure, Sustainable cities and communities

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Freight transportation, Urban and inter-urban mobility