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Oorja Energy Engineering Services

Manufacturer of cleantech heating and cooling systems for industrial, commercial and military sectors.

Cleantech Solar Heating and Cooling with expertise in Radiant Cooling/Heating and Solar Thermal for commercial and industrial purpose.


Structure Cooling using 1/5th of Energy Used by Conventional HVAC

A new way of cooling our buildings efficiently offering 70-90% savings over current air conditioning systems.

In tropical countries like India that are growing rapidly, air conditioning adoption will increase by leaps and bounds from the current 5% adoption. The world average is 60%. However, using the existing air conditioning technologies will not be viable as that would require significant increase in power generation capacities. Oorja's structure cooling system is based on the simple fact that heat load due to Sun is actually borne by the building structure and gets embedded as heat in the thermal mass of the building. If the heat from the structure can be flushed out before it enters the living spaces, it will lead to significant reduction in usage of air conditioning and can eliminate it in most cases. Our solution uses the evaporation of treated waste water to supply water at 20-27 deg C to the piping network embedded in the building slabs to evacuate the heat embedded in it. The solution completely eliminates the need for compressor based cooling and fan motors to transport cooled air leading to savings over 90%. The heat from the structure can be eliminated using high temperature water that does not require refrigeration equipment whereas to cool the space conventional HVAC systems use chilled water generated using refrigeration equipment. Structure cooling also prevents the build up of heat in the building thermal mass during harsh summers in tropical climates as the heat radiating from the structural masses like walls and ceilings is the main cause of discomfort for building occupants. We have implemented this system in more than 25 projects in India and this provides a low energy and healthy way to cool our buildings as it also allows the buildings occupants to use natural ventilation for their spaces. Through this technology we look forward to provide a cooling system that uses 1/5th of the energy required for conventional HVAC Systems.

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Southern Asia, Western Asia,

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Sustainable cities and communities

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Building and shelters


Heat Recovery from Rotary Kilns

Rotary kilns in Cement, Paper and Steel industries lose a lot of heat energy to the ambient due to the hot kiln surface.

Oorja's radiant heat recovery from rotary kilns uses heat exchanger panels with specialized coatings. Heat is recovered as hot water that can be used for: a) Boiler Feedwater Preheating, in case there is a captive thermal power plant; b) Hot water for driving an adsorption/absorption chiller; c) Hot water for any industrial process. A kiln surface with a temperature of 300 deg C can yield a heat recovery of about 4 KW/sqm.

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Industry, innovation and infrastructure

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Industrial processes

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Low Cost Energy Storage & Power Generation for Off Grid Locations

Energy storage is the biggest cost for solar based power for off grid locations due to variation in supply & demand.

Most of the off grid locations in the world use solar photovoltaic systems with battery storage and the cost replacing batteries over 25 year life of solar PV systems is higher than the initial cost of the system. In addition, there is additional cost of its safe disposal. Oorja's solution eliminates the cost of replacement of storage by using cast iron based heat storage that can be used to operate a steam engine or organic rankine cycle (ORC) based power generation system. We have developed a low cost solar concentrator that allows for heat to be focused on storage medium like cast iron on the ground. The storage is heated upto 700 deg C for storing the heat. The heat stored during the day can be used during non solar hours to operate a steam engine or ORC system to produce power. The biggest advantage of this system is that cast iron based heat storage has life of more than 25 years and completely eliminates the cost of storage replacement. This helps in reducing the capital and operational cost by 2/3rd. The system can also have a backup biomass fired boiler to generate heat during days when there is no solar radiation.

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Affordable and clean energy

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Energy storage