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Z.A. Belle Croix 2 942 Route du Mans, 72510 Requeil, France

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Laurent Ballu, Fabrice Chaussec, Jérôme Mougel




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ODYSSEE Environnement

Designs and manufactures sustainable high-performance solutions.

Reconciling water and metals our profession springs from the natural incompatibility between water and metals in hydraulic systems.
Technological advances, health-related research and feedback have all helped define our professional standards. New practices require a methodical, professional approach applied to the design and monitoring phases as well as to managing domestic hot water systems. ODYSSEE Environnement® deciphers the information for you and supports you every step of the way, from studies to monitoring and even implementing hydraulic systems.


Make sure you've read the instructions before using the chat
Make sure you've read the instructions before using the chat

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