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Ocean Sun introduces a novel, efficient, cost-effective and durable solution for floating solar energy generation, designed to be installed in any type of water body, including offshore since the system can withstand harsh ocean and weather conditions. This novel patented technology is composed of modified silicon PV solar modules deployed on a special floating membrane structure. The hydro-elastic property of the thin polymer support floating membrane prevents breaking of waves and salt water intrusion, similar to the effect of oil on troubled water.

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Founded 2016
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Founders Børge Bjørneklett
Headquarters 1360 Fornebu, Norway
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Ocean Sun


The Ocean Sun floating system requires minimal use of materials (and of commodity nature). It is simple and quick to assemble and install, almost to plug-and-play. It requires a very low Capex, which represents a reduction of 20% compared to other FPV already in the market for freshwater. The fact that the Ocean Sun system uses standard (off-the-shelf) components enables a business model based on high local content in the supply-chain. Unlike some competitors who establish central factories and ship equipment worldwide, Ocean Sun will procure material locally, and train local firms to do the construction and installation activities. More than 80% of the solar radiation falling on PV cells is not converted to electricity. It is lost by reflection, transmission or absorption. Reflected radiation is about 5-10% depending on the incident angle in comparison to transmitted and absorbed radiation. About 20% the non-reflected energy is converted into electricity and the rest into heat, which inevitably increases the PV panel temperature. Higher temperature have a negative influence on PV panel efficiency, which is highly sensitive to temperature fluctuations: PV output efficiencies can be reduced by 10-25% under real-life operating conditions (i.e. temperatures of 60-70ºC). Our innovative 1mm thick floating hydro-elastic membrane provides 8-10% average higher efficiency over the day as a result of the consistent contact and cooling effect between the solar cell modules and the water body. Cells operate at a lower temperature through direct heat transfer to the water. Floater system architecture and seaworthiness is obtained with materials that are durable with world class maritime quality and are 100% recyclable. With superior seaworthiness albeit minimum use of material, the floater is composed by the floating membrane itself and by a mooring system, both designed for optimal offshore usage with a technology inspired by the aquaculture industry, which has been in use for over 20 years in Norwegian rough waters. The unique UV and hydrolysis-resistant floating membrane have been designed to (1) effectively prevent breaking of waves, (2) move with regular sea swell, and (3) provide an absolute barrier between solar panels and saltwater. The floating membrane is specifically built to ensure good and safe working environment for installers who almost "walk on water" , so the modules can be securely and efficiently attached to withstand rough weather. PV modules are not harmed even when exposed to quite harsh sea conditions. The Ocean Sun Design Premise has received a “Statement of Conformance” from DNV GL. Five demonstration systems has been built on the west coast of Norway, in the Johur strait in Singapore and on Luzon Island in the Philippines.
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Headquarters 1360 Fornebu, Norway

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