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NAWATechnologies SA

NAWATechnologies The best of nanotechnologies for clean solutions for energy, transportation and environment

NAWATECHNOLOGIES : le meilleur des nanotechnologies pour les clean technologies de l'énergie, de la mobilité et de l'environnement

Company NAWATechnologies SA

Ultra fast Carbon Batteries

Offer Ultra fast Carbon Batteries

Ultrafast Carbon Batteries made of highly nanostructured material to store more charges more rapidely, without lithium

NAWACAP is a new generation of high power and high energy density ultracapacitor that stands between classical ultracapacitors and batteries NAWACAP Power achieves power densities more than five times higher than existing ultracapacitors (50,000 W/Kg today and expected to reach 200 kW/kg)). NAWACAP Energy will make it possible to store three to five times more energy than current ultracapacitors (15 Wh/kg today and expected to achieve 25-30 Wh/kg) while retaining the same power characteristics. The possibilities offered by our highly conductive electrode material will enable us to develop hybrid capacitors as well as hybrid ultracapacitor cells with improved Energy densities. OUr electrode is also seen as a template electrode to develop advanced lithium batteries (solid-state) that will surpass current lithium batteries in terms of autonomy, fast charging and lyfecycle.

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Affordable and clean energy

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Energy storage

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NAWASHELL: Structural Batteries

Offer NAWASHELL: Structural Batteries

Join us to invent the future of batteries. A structural battery that can be integrated as part of any shell of any objet

NAWATechnologies is developing and industrializing a unique electrode material. Much more than just an innovation, it is a ground-breaking technology that stores more electricity, adsorb more light, dissipate more thermal energy and many other properties more rapidly. NAWATechnologies has been laureate for the second time of the World Innovation Contest (Concours Mondial de l’innovation), which awards high flyer start-up . NAWA is proposing a new concept of structural battery (NAWAShell) that combines a ultra fast carbon battery integrated inside a composite material. We offer to a group of selected companies, teams and people, the possibility to work with our NAWATeam on how our technology can contribute to the clean energy transition with a long term and disruptive vision

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NAWATechnologies Electrodes development platform

Offer NAWATechnologies Electrodes development platform

NAWA proposes a technological platform for the development and manufacturing of new électrodes for advances batteries

NAWATECHNOLOGIES masters all elements of the technological platform for the development and manufacturing of ultracapacitor cells and innovative batteries based on an aligned nanotube structure: for electrodes (conductive polymers, Lithium, Sodium, Silicon, Sulfur, titanate and others), for standard or advanced electrolytes (biosourced, lithiated and ionic liquid electrolytes), cell design and characterization Platform We develop new applications using the optical, thermal, mechanical or electrical properties of aligned nanotube structures. We are engaged in: – Contracts for R&D services – Development of solutions or products on request and realization of prototypes – Measurement and characterization, final testing and product optimization – Industrialization study for mass production – License to operate and transfer technology

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