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Nanomakers designs, manufactures and sells industrial quantities of silicon-based nanoparticles for energy storage

Nanomakers is a start up which designs, manufactures and sells industrial quantities of patented silicon-based nanopowders for the disruptive reinforcement of materials (elastomers, metallic alloys, powders for additive manufacturing and components for doubling energy density of the Li-ion batteries). Spin off from CEA after 20 years of innovation, Nanomakers has exclusive rights on the patents produced by this R&D and owns a « ready to sell » product portfolio. More than 99% products are for export (to North America and to Asia), with a sales multiplied by 10 since 2014. 3 main applications: 1 - Triplicating the energy density of anode materials by adding nano Silicon, Nanomakers collaborates with 80% of the world Li-ion battery market and particularly with all the technological and industrial leaders (market launch in 2019). 2 - Increasing the performances of elastomer seals by adding SiC nanopowders for semiconductor sector. 3 - Focusing on new customers applications, particularly in lightweight structure and envelope parts in Aluminium alloys for aerospace using additive manufacturing technology (EIT Raw Material’s project: HIPERCO). Nanomakers’ first industrial production unit was installed in 2012 and is applying the "Zero contact" strategy to deal with nanoparticles and put in place an innovative approach "Safe by design" to ensure the safety of our production process. The company is now entering a new stage of its technical and industrial development to face multiple demands coming from all industrials who desire to develop new materials for the future.


Carbon coated Silicon nanoparticles

Carbon coated silicon nanopowders doubling energy density of anode materials for Lithium-ion Batteries.

Nanomakers can produce in industrial quantity of patented carbon coated silicon nanopowders. These nanopowders can be mixed with carbon active materials to make the premix material, then mix again with other anode materials. Nano Silicon can be used for liquide type batteries as in the market to double the energy density, but it can also be used as anode materials for all solid state batteries.

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Affordable and clean energy, Industry, innovation and infrastructure

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Energy storage, Industrial processes, Materials and chemistry

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Silicon Carbide (SiC) nanopowders

Using SiC nanopowders as additives to improve mechanical & chemical performances by reinforcing materials' structure.

Nanomakers's SiC nanopowders has been used for reinforcement of various materials such as elastomers, metal alloys, powders for additive manufacturing etc... The product is already commercialized for semiconductor industry, and Nanomakers is developing new applications for others markets such as 3D printing, protective coatings, protection armors (shielding), and other markets where the reinforcement of materials is needed to follow up the innovative evolution.

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Categories of application
Industry, innovation and infrastructure

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Materials and chemistry