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For 20 years, our experts develop innovative & effective solutions through the challenges of sea environment & water.

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Marine Tech


MARINE TECH is a French SME created in 2014 in Signes (South of France) by 4 former directing managers of Nymphea Environment, a subsidiary of Vinci Group, one of the leading construction group in the world. With their passion for the sea, the water and their strong vision of a more sustainable world, they decided to use their skills to innovate for sustainable development by creating MARINE TECH. MARINE TECH products and services cover (1) the exploration and production of freshwater submarine springs, (2) the engineering and sale of marine unmanned surface vehicles to measure and monitor the marine environment, and (3) the engineering and sale of solutions to respond to marine pollution and contain & recover subsea oil and gas leak in high depths. MARINE TECH's turnover is made of 80% on the export markets. Between 2015 and 2018, MARINE TECH developed HELIO, a 100% self-sufficient solution to produce drinking water thanks to solar energy only, which is now reaching its industrialisation stage.
Headquarters 83870 Signes, France

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Marine Tech created HELIO, a self-sustaining device capable of producing drinking water from non drinkable water source (all types of salt water and fresh water), using only solar energy. Designed to capture and concentrate solar rays using a spherical container coupled with a mirror, this patented device cleans the water using a process called solar distillation, which evaporates water molecules, re-condensate it, re-mineralize it, and deliver it for drinking use. HELIO doesn’t require any other energy source than solar energy, no chemicals, requires minimum maintenance, and doesn’t generate any waste. 100% self-sufficient, HELIO was conceived for places with no drinking water (or with insufficient volume for its minimum need) but with access to a water source unfit for drinking, where expansive installations are not a viable option. The combination of multiple HELIO devices can allow these isolated places to easily provide drinking water to its local population, at minimal cost and with no environmental impact.

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