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A company for a bright future! LUMI'IN is a french manufacturer of smart solar street lights and energy sources.

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LUMI'IN designs, assembles and delivers connected, autonomous and hybrid solar lighting systems. As a pioneer company on the solar public street lighting market, LUMI'IN offers real alternatives to classic street lighting by supplying cleaner, cheaper-to-use and smarter streetlights. This smartlight revolution is similar to the transition from classic phones to multitasking smartphones ! Lumi'in has been labelled 5 times: - Label Pass French Tech: is a national program aimed at amplifying the development of hyper-growth companies with very high potential. - GreenTech Green: Label awarded to Lumi'in by the Ministry of the Environment to help us develop digital innovations that benefit the environment. - CEDRE: Label awarded by the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur Region to Lumi'in for its commitment to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). - FLEXGRID: Label awarded by the Capenergies cluster to federate companies capable of implementing the Smart Grid industrialization program, of which Lumi'in is a member. Lumi'in, alongside major groups such as EDF and local authorities in this area, is carrying out Flexlight, one of the structuring projects of this dynamic. With Flexgrid, the PACA region aims to become the French life-size demonstrator of these new technologies throughout the world. INPEE: INPI talents are awarded to start-ups, SMEs and ETIs that place industrial property at the heart of their growth project.
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Headquarters 04350 Malijai, France

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The Sustainable Development Goals are a call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure peace and prosperity everywhere.
Clean Water and
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Affordable and
Clean Energy
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Offers from LUMI'IN

Other products

LUMI’IN smart solar streetlights can be interconnected and can supply energy to any IOT application in cities or off grid sites to prevent people from natural disasters: meteorologic sensors (flood, fire sensors...) , cameras, anti mosquito system, Wifi -4G extender, car paking sensor, … LUMI’IN also proposes smartgrid solutions with solar systems connected to the grid in order to reduce the electricity bill, the energy consumption and the pollution. The lighting Ant Colony Project by LUMI'IN consist in creating a smart grid of smart solar street lights in order to prevent people from natural disasters and to protect the biodiversity thanks to sensors and data sharing integrated in LUMI'IN's streetlights. LUMI'IN streetlights can work as a big lighting ant colony and become the sentries of the smart cities for a brighter future !

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Available inWorldwideCategories of applicationAffordable and clean energy, Sustainable cities and communities, Responsible consumption and productionSector of applicationClean energy production, Energy distribution & management, Energy storage, Urban and inter-urban mobility, Communities infrastructures, Building and shelters, Circular economy of solid wastes Status Implemented

The FLEX is the first solar and connected LED street light that is adaptable ton any lamp post, which provides a cleaner and cheaper-to-use alternative to classic on-grid lightning. Thanks to integrated battery and solar panel, it reduces the electrical bill up to 90% of classic street lights. Labelled by the "Climate Change Innovator Award", this prestigious prize rewards innovations that help to combat global warming. Lumi'in received this award in 2019 for its innovation FLEX. And only 7 companies in the world have received this honour.

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Available inFrance, Categories of applicationAffordable and clean energy, Sustainable cities and communitiesSector of applicationClean energy production, Communities infrastructures, Building and shelters Status Implemented

The AMFORA screw is a tool that has many advantages such as: 100% longer battery life, lower cost compared to mast base mounting solutions, no flight possible, simple and quick installation and adaptable to small bollards and 6 to 8 metre masts. Like a good wine, the conservation of the battery is essential for its lifetime, and thanks to this Lumi'in solution has fully solved this problem.

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Available inFrance, Categories of applicationAffordable and clean energySector of applicationEnergy distribution & management, Energy storage Status Tested implementation

Our solar video surveillance solution makes it possible to secure and supervise roads, car parks, squares, districts, bus stops or encores in isolated areas. It is 100% autonomous and adaptable to all cameras and transmission equipment according to your project. The inclined solar panel makes it possible to optimize solar capture, especially in winter.

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Available inFrance, Categories of applicationAffordable and clean energy, Sustainable cities and communitiesSector of applicationClean energy production, Communities infrastructures Status Implemented