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  • Affordable and clean energy

  • Sustainable cities and communities



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A company for a bright future! Manufacturer of smart solar street lights and smart solar energy sources

LUMI'IN designs, assembles and delivers connected, autonomous and hybrid solar lighting systems. As a pioneer company on the solar public street lighting market, Lumi’in offers real alternatives to classic street lighting by supplying cleaner, cheaper-to-use and smarter streetlights. This smartlight revolution is similar to the transition from classic phones to multitasking smartphones !


The Lighting Ant Colony by LUMI'IN

Smartgrid of smart solar autonomous streetlights wireless interconnected and able to protect people and the environment

LUMI’IN smart solar streetlights can be interconnected and can supply energy to any IOT application in cities or off grid sites to prevent people from natural disasters: meteorologic sensors (flood, fire sensors...) , cameras, anti mosquito system, Wifi -4G extender, car paking sensor, … LUMI’IN also proposes smartgrid solutions with solar systems connected to the grid in order to reduce the electricity bill, the energy consumption and the pollution. The lighting Ant Colony Project by LUMI'IN consist in creating a smart grid of smart solar street lights in order to prevent people from natural disasters and to protect the biodiversity thanks to sensors and data sharing integrated in LUMI'IN's streetlights. LUMI'IN streetlights can work as a big lighting ant colony and become the sentries of the smart cities for a brighter future !

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Affordable and clean energy, Sustainable cities and communities

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Energy distribution & management, Energy storage, Communities infrastructures, Building and shelters



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