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Koolmill Systems Limited

A simpler, low power, low loss, scalable, off-grid rice milling solution empowering SME mills and smallholders globally

Driving a culture change that seeks to enable and empower 200 million smallholder growers and 1.5 million SME millers to disrupt and re-balance the existing rice value chain. Delivering more food with less power from existing harvests is a win-win-win: more and better quality food for consumers, less wasted resources and increased profitability for all millers and smallholders. Koolmill has pioneered the development of a unique and highly innovative, internationally patented rice milling technology. The technology is a super-efficient, low power, low loss, low damage and gender neutral, cold milling process. The opportunity is to redefine the production of a global staple food: rice. Today, the Rice Industry is an antiquated and wasteful, USD 550 billion global industry that feeds half the world daily. For 3.5 billion people, rice is literally life: by 2050 this will be 6 billion people. Rice production must increase by 70% by 2050 (FAO). Yet, each year some 60 million tonnes of rice will be lost from farm to fork and 180 million tonnes of what’s left is damaged during processing, reducing its quality and value. The annual global loss to the triple bottom line (people, planet and profit) is circa USD 127 billion. Koolmill is a simple, gentle and accessible technology that reduces the cost per tonne milled by up to 63% and directly addresses these substantial global losses. The virtual elimination of processing losses and reduction in broken rice, typically from 30% or higher to under 10%, delivers quantitative, qualitative, cost of production and added value benefits to millers. Koolmill is an impact investment, an enabling technology with many advantages over the current state of the art; • Uses up to 80% less power compared to traditional mills - proved in trials in the UK, US and India • Simpler, low loss, cold milling – more food, and at a higher quality, from existing harvests • Scalable, “state of the art” milling solutions accessible by all millers regardless of size or location • Creating an entirely new market - 200 million smallholders are now potentially value-added millers • The ONLY digital rice milling technology: data capture and AI offers potential for autotuning mills

Company Koolmill Systems Limited