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Leading French carpooling app focused on commuting: it aims to offer a sustainable, cheap and reliable mobility for all.

Klaxit aims to reduce the number of cars on the road, and thus their ecological footprint with a two-fold effect:

1. By reducing the number of cars, the emissions are mechanically reduced. According to the French governmental Environment Agency (Ademe), increasing the current number of passengers per car, on commute trips, for 1.07 to 2 would cut by half the GHG emissions.

2. On the long run, reducing city congestion will also reduce the gas consumption per car. Indeed, when stuck in a traffic jam, a car consumes up to twice as much fuel, and consequently has higher emissions.

The protection of our planet has always been in Klaxit's DNA Klaxit was born on the statement that individual vehicles are one of the main causes of pollution in our cities. That is why we have always been involved in sustainable mobility, either in our communication (website, social media, a keynote speech during the World Efficiency Forum, etc.) or in our actions (free rides during pollution peaks, collaboration with local associations in the Arve Valley to reduce GHGs, collaboration with the Ministry of Ecological and Sustainable transition, the launch of an eco-bonus dedicated to carpooling in partnership with the French Environment Agency (Ademe) and The Shift Project, etc.). This has enabled us to be awarded by the EU Parliament as the best European sustainable mobility startup (https://startupprize.eu/cargonexx-cocolis-klaxit-maas-global-win-first-edition-european-startup-prize-mobility-europes-largest-initiative-supporting-entrepreneurs-sustainable-mobility/).

As the leader of the market, we propose more than 300,000 daily rides on the platform. This is why we developed a “secret sauce”, to shift carpooling from a marginal habit to a reliable means of daily mobility.It is based on three ingredients:

1• A cutting-edge mobile app: designed specifically for daily carpooling with a door-to-door algorithm, it is based on artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. It closely adapts to users’ habits: preferred itineraries, preferred carpoolers, variable hours, etc. They also enjoy special benefits provided on our marketplace: Return Home Guarantee (we launched a partnership with Uber and MAIF that makes carpooling as reliable as a personal car); privileged parking access that encourages employees to carpool; ATMB partnership proposing motorway tolls subscription discounts to carpoolers.

2• An innovative methodology – based on behaviour change management – to create carpooling networks within companies: we sell our solution to large companies. It creates a very dense network of carpoolers and generates trust among fellow employees. As a result, we match together more than 80% of our users. In our client companies, over one third of employees are registered in our application. Today, over 150 companies trust our solution, among which one quarter of the CAC 40. We advise companies on their mobility policy and especially on how to reduce their carbon footprint.

3• Partnerships with local authorities: we enable local authorities to expand their public transport networks, especially in suburban areas. We developed a multimodal and intermodal API that enables us to integrate local authorities public transport application (e.g. Klaxit in the RATP app next November). We also allow local authorities to subsidize carpool trips and provide them a reliable reporting thanks to our proof of technology, which is the best on the market. Together, we offer citizens a sustainable alternative to personal car, reduce the number of cars on the road, and all the negative effects they cause. As a result, we multiplied the number of rides in Paris Region twenty-fold within 9 months.

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Klaxit is a French carpooling app focused on commuting, aiming to offer a clean, sustainable, affordable and reliable mobility for all.
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