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Kadambari Consultants Pvt Ltd

Promoting Diatom Algae for Sewage Treatment, prevention of nutrient pollution and sequestration of Carbon in Oceans.

Diatom Algae are phytoplankton that are responsible for about 25% of all photosynthesis on Earth. Gross Photosynthesis on Earth in terms of Carbon consumption is about 105 Billion Tons of Carbon consumed per year. Out of this about 46% is estimated to take place in water and 54% on land. Diatom Algae are estimated to account for about 23 Billion tons of Carbon consumption per year, i.e., about 50% of the Photosynthesis in water. Anthropogenic Carbon emissions are estimated at about 10 Billion Tons of Carbon per year. Therefore increasing the production of Diatoms by about 45% can result in consumption of all anthropogenic carbon emissions. In nature Diatom Algae are the best food for Zooplankton and Fish, therefore they are consumed and do not accumulate in waterways. So if Diatom production increases, fish production too will increase and all anthropogenic carbon emissions can be converted into fish biomass. This will help feed the growing population, reduce pressure on land based food production, restore biodiversity and fish and whales in Oceans, etc. Thus we can actually profit from consumption / removal of CO2 from atmosphere and oceans. Sewage contains nutrients, Nitrogen and Phosphorus, these are inputs for photosynthesis. Therefore sewage can be used to grow Diatoms, this is the best and most economical solution for sewage treatment and if the Diatoms can be consumed by Fish, we could actually profit from sewage treatment.

Company Kadambari Consultants Pvt Ltd


Offer Nualgi

Nualgi is a product invented specifically to grow Diatom Algae in all types and volumes of water, even in Oceans.

In nature about 46% of photosynthesis takes place in water. Diatom Algae are responsible for about 50% of the photosynthesis in waterways, including oceans. Diatoms are the best food for fish and whales. Therefore when Diatoms are grown fish in lakes and oceans can be restored, this will help feed the growing population. Some Diatoms die and fall to the ocean bed, these sequester huge amounts of carbon. Gross photosynthesis on Earth in terms of Carbon consumption is about 105 Billion Tons per year. Diatom production is about 23 Billion Tons per year. Agriculture is about 8 Billion Tons per year. Anthropogenic Carbon emissions are about 10 Billion Tons per year in terms of Carbon. Therefore a 45% increase in Diatom production would be adequate to consume all anthropogenic carbon emissions. This would help grow huge amounts of fish and whales in the oceans and would also solve the problem of Dead Zones / Hypoxia in oceans, Ocean Acidification, Coral bleaching, etc. Agriculture is now estimated at 8 Billion Tons of Carbon consumption per year, when population is about 7 Billion. 100 years ago population was just 2 Billion and there has been a 350% increase in population and food production i.e., agriculture. Therefore a 45% increase in Diatom production in Oceans is quite easily achievable. Nualgi was invented in 2004 and has been in commercial use since 2005, in aquaculture ponds, lakes, etc., i.e., on a small scale and we need to scale up use to large lakes, rivers and oceans.

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