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Gilles Vallier



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K-Ryole SAS

K-Ryole is the first smart painless, electric bike trailer which can carry a load up to 250 kg, without effort.

The cost of traffic jams in Europe is between €150-200 billion per year . A craftsman loses 2 hours a day because of traffic jams in Paris, and yet, the solution seems obvious on this picture: the bike! Especially since the bike is the fastest means of transport on small trips, 100% ecological, without noise, without congestion or parking problems. In Europe, approximately 25% of goods are transported in cites, and 50% of light goods could be transported by cargo cycles instead of cars . Yes, but this is not so simple, because the bike cannot be used when you need to carry heavy things. That's why we created K-Ryole, the first painless, electric bike trailer which can carry a load up to 250 kg, securely and without any additional effort, as if there was nothing behind the bicycle. K-Ryole is a breakthrough innovation in city logistics and last mile delivery, enabling a new zero-emission delivery service for congested and polluted cities. It replaces often inefficient vans with better suited options for each step in the last mile urban delivery process.

Company K-Ryole SAS

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A smart painless, electric trailer which can carry a load up to 250 kg behind any bike, securely and without any additional effort.

Thanks to its innovative electric system, this electric trailer enhances cargo-bike freight by enabling delivery cyclists to effortlessly transport up to 250 kg.
Solution Label November 2018 Solution