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Jean Bouteille

Startup of the zero waste and circular economy.

The objective of Jean Bouteille is to build a zero-waste system of distribution and consumption.It provides grocery stores with self-service dispensers, organic liquid products and reusable & returnable bottles.

At the store, the consumer buys a bottle and can refill it as many times as he wants with the product of his choice (wine, oil, vinegar, spirits, detergent, dish liquid, soap, shampoo, etc.).

We incentivize the consumer to reuse its bottle as many times as possible but if he chooses to, he can sell it back to the store and Jean Bouteille will collect and wash it before reintroducing it in stores. This is a circular business model built on the functional economy (selling the use of the bottle and not the bottle itself), on the waste prevention (reusing the bottle) and promoting a sustainable consumption (be aware of the environmental-impact of your consumption).

Our headquarters are in Lille and we equipped more than 450 grocery stores with self-dispensers to distribute zero waste organic liquid products for consumers in France, Belgium, Germany and Denmark. Consumers can get there some zero waste oil, wine, vinegar, shampoo, detergent, etc.

Company Jean Bouteille