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itk is a knowledge integrator committed to developing easyto- use, efficient and useful decision-making tools that connect scientific research with production agriculture and allied industries to drive value to farmers and all players of the food system value chain. Concretely, itk develops process driven AI models applied to crop and animal production. Those models are imbedded in web applications and target 1) growers/ breeders and their consultants to help them make tactical and strategic decisions on their daily practices in order to maximize their return on investment while gaining time, 2) insurances to predict yield volatility and help them anticipate compensations and 3) food processing companies to secure their supplies and 4) traders to predict yield volatility and help them manage their risk.

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Founder 2003
Company Size 120
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Founders Eric Jallas
Headquarters 34830 Jacou, France
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ITK is a Deep AgTech company that has developed a cloud-based AI Platform. itk licences access to its Platform to Multinationals Companies, to larges Ag. Cooperatives and to Farming Corporation to empower them and to allow them to provide better insights and anticipations in support of farmland economics. Services provides by itk’s clients can be either: • prescription to farmers (i.e. Ag Consultants, Input distributors, Farmers…); • production previsions (i.e. Traders, Food companies…; • risks assessment (i.e. Insurance, Landlords…); • risk anticipation (i.e. ); • land price (i.e. Bank, Investors…); Depending of the services provided and the expected high value and objective insights’ farmland and potential delivers by the platform the input data will be either provided by: • itk (i.e. weather data, soil data, satellite images, etc.), • itk’s clients trough API between their information system and itk’s Platform; • and famers trough API between their information system and itk’s Platform. All these data are easily accessible and easy to gather, and even some data can be directly upload from sensors to the plateform using the itk’s IoT services. itk’s AI platform cover 60% of the ag. production and respond to the needs in crop production (rowcrops, orchards, vegetable, pasture…) but also in animal production (dairy, beef, cheeps…). The company was administratively created in 2003 but started its activity in 2006. Today itk has almost 120 employees (40% PhD, 55% MASTERS and Engineers) and had a 9M€ operating income in 2018. The head office is in Montpellier at the following address: Cap Alpha, Avenue de l’Europe, 34830 Clapiers, France. itk has two antennas, one in Rennes (FR) and the other in San Francisco, CA (USA).
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Headquarters 34830 Jacou, France

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Other products

CropWin® is itk annual crop decision support tool in Europe. This DST is a simplified version of our tool deployed in the US since several years (known as Winfield R7 Field Forecasting Tool) distributed by the Land O’lakes Inc. company. The EU tool aims at optimizing irrigation and fertilization practices towards yield and practice return on investment (ROI). The embedded corn and wheat model has been calibrated in Europe to generate up to 80% accuracy between predicted and observed yields. With several years of usage and calibration, the US model reaches todays 90% accuracy. This performance is further enhanced when satellite imaging data are injected into the model during the season. CropWin® aims at optimizing fertilization by predicting the consequences of the farmer practice on his harvest in terms of yield and ROI. The model uses plant, soil and weather forecast to display the gap between the crop demand and the environment availability of water and nitrogen. It is important to highlight the dual features of Cropwin® in predicting both water and nitrogen because applying a fertilizer when maize encounter water stress is an agronomic non-sense and a great loss of efforts and money

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Available inEastern Europe, Northern Europe, Southern Europe, Western Europe, Morocco, Sudan, Western Sahara, Libya, Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Status Implemented

R7 Field Forecasting Tool is itk annual crop decision support tool deployed in the US since several years (known as Winfield R7 Field Forecasting Tool) distributed by the Land O’lakes Inc. company. o Field Forecasting tool is delivering key agronomic insights to close the gap in-season. It is part of the R7® Tool Suite to help making in-season adjustments in terms of irrigation, fertilization and fungicide application for several crops. o Field Forecasting tool is based on a crop model using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. It proposes automatically and dynamically the best in-season adjustment to optimize the Return On Investments adapted to the user behavior. o As part of the R7® Tool Suite, the Field Forecasting tool is taking advantage of the Answer Tech Data Silo and Nutrisolutions® to integrate data from the field, to improve prediction quality and to enable eBusiness through the Atlas web portal.

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Available inUnited States, Canada, Status Implemented