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A revolutionary new method of water treatment, designed to keep equipment running for longer and at maximum efficiency. Protects domestic and industrial systems against limescale and other fouling.

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Founded 1992
Company Size 10
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Founders Danny STEFANINI
Headquarters Nottingham NG2 1LW, UK
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HYDROPATH Technology Ltd


Water is used in increasingly innovative ways in modern society, from modern irrigation systems to the cooling of power stations. Ensuring that water keeps flowing and performing its many roles, and reducing the quantity of wasted or contaminated water is a major environmental goal. HYDROPATH Technology contributes to this through its range of HydroFLOW electronic water conditioners. These units protect water systems from blocking and losing efficiency due to limescale or biofouling, and enhance filtration to maximise water reuse and minimise waste. Based in Nottingham, UK, HYDROPATH encompasses an international network of distributors and clients. HydroFLOW systems are used all over the world as a cost-effective, energy-saving, green solution for conditioning water. From keeping homes supplied with hot water, to maintaining efficiency in industries such as aluminium casting and agriculture, to enhancing the clean-up of sewage, HydroFLOW units save water and energy and reduce chemical use and waste.
Headquarters Nottingham NG2 1LW, UK

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