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76530 Baden-Baden, Germany

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Dr. Csaba Singer, Christian Schultze, Klaus Schultze



  • Affordable and clean energy

  • Industry, innovation and infrastructure

  • Sustainable cities and communities



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Hybrid-Airplane Technologies GmbH

Hybrid-Airplane Technologies is a Baden-Baden based startup aiming to grow for a sustainable tomorrow.

h-aero®: a hybrid airplane, combining the proven flight concepts of helicopters, planes and helium balloons enabling sustainable and safe aerial missions.

Company Hybrid-Airplane Technologies GmbH

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Solar-powered helium Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) for versatile monitoring activities

h-aero® combines concepts from helicopters, planes and balloons for a solution that is safer, offers superior flight endurance, and can carry a larger relative load than conventional drones.
Solution Label June 2018 Solution

h-aero™‏ one

Offer h-aero™‏  one

It just stays in the air with 3kg payload / 5hrs. Easy control, silent & 100% secure even over crowds. Outdoor, PV, AI

h-aero™ one is the logical evolution of the smaller h-aero™ zero and was developed for professional, i.e. commercial, use. With a payload of 3 kg and a flight duration of up to 5 h, h-aero™ one sets new benchmarks and allows for completely new applications. In contrast to other UASs, the h-aero™ one can fulfill several tasks at once. For example, several different cameras (night vision, infrared and thermal imaging cameras) can be transported and evaluated at the same time. The simultaneous acquisition and evaluation of chemical components in the air (e.g. the measurement of particulate matter) is also possible. Additionally, equipped with radio communications systems, mobile hot-spots (e.g. for disaster management) can be set up. In comparison to other UASs, with a pay-load of up to 3 kg, the novel hot-spots one is not only considerably safer but also flies considerably quieter. For instance, this allows for the monitoring of environmentally sensitive areas without disturbing the nature. Due to its plug-in system, the hotspots one can be folded to a size of a ski bag and transported in a small passenger vehicle. In addition to almost every mission, the aircraft system hotspots one can always serve as an „eye-catcher“ and as an advertising medium. Equipped with a portable LED-projector, moving images and animations can be projected on its bottom side. Thereby it turns into a flying, 3 m wide screen guaranteed to make a lasting impression. As it can be used as an autonomous AI controlled atmospheric probe head with a diversity of sensors, many categories and sectors of applications apply to h-aero™‏ one.

Categories of application
Industry, innovation and infrastructure, Sustainable cities and communities

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End-of-pipe industrial pollution management, Freight transportation, Industrial processes, Urban and inter-urban mobility, Communities infrastructures

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