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Karim Tarraf, Matthew Fullerton, Yvonne Rusche, Jannai Falschberger, Birgit Fullerton




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Hawa Dawa GmbH

Comprehensive air quality data to design and evaluate effective pollution mitigation measures

The detrimental effects of urban air pollution are wide ranging, impacting on human health, human mobility, the climate and environment and even food security. Air pollution is attributable for more cases of preventive deaths globally than AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis combined, making it the greatest environmental health risk of our time according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Although the problem is a widely acknowledged one, with the will to act increasing in light of policy advances, greater awareness of the catastrophic dimensions of pollution in global mega-cities and more locally, the wake of 'dieselgate' in Europe, a lack of comprehensive data to demonstrate these negative effects and enable smarter planning to mitigate for them is a significant obstacle to developing smart responses.

Today, air quality is monitored with high-cost, high-precision measurement instruments at single points across a city or passive collectors that provide only average values for certain gases for a fixed timeframe (e.g. every two weeks) and must be collated manually. Conversely, low-cost sensors are not able to provide the accuracy of measurement required for stable outdoor air quality monitoring. The reality is that air pollution is rather volatile over time and space and its distribution can be counterintuitive - to obtain a reliable representation, measurements must be at once precise and comprehensive.

Hawa Dawa's solution offers a low cost, highly granular and field-tested level of measurement precision. Our smart analytics extrapolates real-time environmental conditions to provide precise measurements for other areas in the city where there are no sensors present. Applying proven machine learning calibration techniques increases the accuracy of our sensors and enables our measurements to conform to to strict German legal requirements.

Our technology has been deployed in four cities across Germany and Switzerland with more cities in the pipeline and has applications in the fields of real-estate, mobility, health and logistics. We are project partners for two Horizon 2020 smart citiy projects and are members of a newly founded Research Society brought to life by the German Federal Ministry of Commerce to combat particulate matter pollution.

Our team has been recognized and supported by a range of initiatives and bodies including the Federal Ministry of Transportation and the Ministry of Economics and Digital Infrastructure as well as by the Digital Switzerland flagship program 'Kickstart', the European Institute of Technology and Innovation climate accelerator run by Climate-KIC and is named as one of the Top 10 Innovations in Germany and Top 35 in Europe by the prestigious MIT Technology Review. Our clients include IBM, Swisscom, and Munich RE among others.

Labelled solution

Hawa Dawa GmbH

IoT sensor network to develop and assess targeted air-quality improvement measures.

Hawa Dawa’s technology - a combination of compact IoT connected sensors and machine learning techniques - provides comprehensive real-time, city-wide environmental data, enabling cities to design, implement and evaluate measures to improve air quality.

Hawa Dawa Environmental Data Analytics Platform

Straightforward & customizable API for easy access, analysis and integration of environmental data.

Using Hawa Dawa's API users can easily integrate in situ air quality data anywhere and anytime.

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Germany, Switzerland,

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