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  • Affordable and clean energy



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H2P Systems

We transform heat into power

H2P develop innovative waste heat recovery engines and concentrated solar power stations


Innovative Concentrated Solar Power Plant

10kW Concentrated Solar Power unit using innovative H2P engine to convert solar power into electricity

H2P has developed an innovative 10kW Dish Concentrated Solar Power Unit. The key innovation of this CSP unit is the integration of the H2P heat to power engine. Based on an patented thermodynamic open cycle, H2P engine converts solar power into electricity and significantly reduces the levelized cost of energy resulting from CSP generation. Using H2P engine to convert solar radiation into mechanical and electrical power will significantly reduce the levelized cost of energy resulting from CSP generation. High temperature process will make possible to integrate a cheap and high performing thermal storage solution in order to provide a reliable and dispatchable energy, cheaper than conventional power generations and much less environmentally impactful than photovoltaic plus chemical batteries. The first prototype has been completed in 2017 and the company will start testing it in real operating conditions by spring 2018.

Categories of application
Affordable and clean energy

Sector of application
Clean energy production

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Waste Heat Recovery Engine

Waste Heat Recovery Engine to convert thermal power from exhaust gases into additional mechanical power

In a traditional combustion engine approximately 60% of the fuel energy is lost to the environment as waste heat. For both environmental and economic issues, we should enhance energy recovery. The H2P engine relies on several technological bricks to extract thermal energy from exhaust gases and convert heat directly into additional mechanical power. Our technology is protected by more than 28 international patents. It allows reduction of fuel consumption and gases emissions by 8 to 10%. We believe H2P engine is the most promising WHR technology for the following reasons : It's a compact solution designed with major manufacturers to be easily integrated into existing powertrain environments such as trucks, tractors, and gas generators . It provides additional mechanical power with zero gases emissions. It reduces fuel consumption and gas emissions by 8% to 10%. It does not increase vehicle weight as it replaces existing components. It's 100% mechanical: no electronics, no gas, no chemical fluids . It's cost-effective: conventional materials, maintenance-free, short payback.

Categories of application
Affordable and clean energy

Sector of application
Energy from waste