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H2 Energy Now

We take water and separate by the use of Electromagnetic Waves. It is faster, less energy required, uses no rare metals and is 25% of our competitors capital cost. Our projected cost is less 100 euros per MWh, our cost of hydrogen 3.29.

We believe that if we could figure out how to effectively store energy we can change the world. Way we are doing this is by developing products that can store energy. We have a patent pending product; we have succeeded in our prototyping stage. We are caught in a cycle of: To meet demand for electrical energy you must meet it by the generation of energy. Constantly 24/7 but there is a better way. All the worlds stored energy will provide us with only 5 minutes of our daily needs. H2 Energy Now goal is to dramatically change this time of storage. Today there is a better solution for the storage of energy. H2 Energy Now is developing a revolutionary solution that will store energy and provide a choice when meeting electrical demand. Peak demand would thereby be reached by a combination of generation and storage changing the need for building electrical plants to meet peak demand. H2 Energy Now enables stored alternative energy to meet electrical grids peak demand. H2 Energy Now is developing a revolutionary game changing solution that will store energy more efficiently for on-demand availability during peak times throughout the day. The process involves separating hydrogen from oxygen in water with the used of radio wave to create storable hydrogen. H2 Energy Now is a Clean/Tech/Energy Product.